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Is it safe to have a wedding in Sri Lanka

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My friend from the UK wants to get married in Sri Lanka, is this a safe option at the moment?


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    Hi there

    We got married in Bentota in September, spent two weeks all up in Sri Lanka, including time in Colombo. There is a lot of "bad press" around about Sri Lanka, we chose to ignore it at the time and had a wonderful experience, so much so that we are going back for a month's backpacking in May. The people were so friendly and helpful and not once did we feel unsafe.

    I'd say to your friends to just go for it, they will almost certainly have no problems. At the end of the day, the way the world is, when your time's up it's up, no matter where you are. Seize the day!
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    Sri Lanka is so safe these days, the Tamil Tigers have pretty been wiped out and even when things were dangerous they were stationed in the north and did not really venture south.

    The areas of Columbo, Kandy and the Golden Triangle etc are lovely.
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    There is no worries you can easily marry there its totally safe.
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    Sri lanka is lovely place to get married that where me and my husband got married in 2004 loved every minute of it
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    Hi Everyone,

    Sri Lanka is now safe country in the world and you can see lots of things in Sri Lanka. Within few hrs you can see the Cultural areas, Hill Country as well as Beaches and Wild life parks.

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    Also we have special Sri Lankan Wedding packages forForeigners who interest to get married in a dirrefernt country !!!

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    I am a Brit living in Sri Lanka and have done so for quite a number of years. My daughter and my sister came here in the earlier 2000's and got married on separate occasions. Even tho the war was raging at those times they both had superb weddings and they, and all the family, travelled this beautiful island with little restriction - except of course not to the terrorists held areas.

    Now-a-days we live in peace and this is an ideal tropical place to get married. Do become aware of what you are getting in your wedding package and if budget allows, go for a better hotel wedding. If the package offers a sari be careful - it may be a touristy type - and probably red (which is not a wedding colour here). Brides here generally wear white or cream and the red sari is a gift from the groom to his bride for her to wear at the Home-coming reception after their honeymoon ( although some brides do change into this to 'go away' and don't have the homecoming). Better to bring your own gown or sari. Do make sure you don't have an outside ceremony between 11 am and 3 pm - far too hot! Also, if the hotel offer a cake it is only a polystyrene structure - beautifully decorated. if you want a real English wedding fruit cake - remember to order it in with your package.

    For the last 6 years my husband and I have built and run 3 banquetting Halls - and the Sri Lankan wedding and home-coming receptions never cease to amaze me.

    This is a very safe and beautiful place to have your wedding - be it beach, hills, in the wild or by a will be well taken care of....have a wonderful day!
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