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information needed on marriage in Tunisia



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    Hello I an a divorced american women that has been with a Tunisain man for one year. I have visited him and his family just recently. Thay all are so Beautiful. He wants to marry me and I am crazy about him. He never asked once to live in America..Only for me to live there and learn the new way. He shows pure love My question is how hard will it be for me to live in Tunisia and will I be able to stay there without losing my U.S. Citizenship? I know I can be in the country for 3-4 months and need to renewl Visa every year..meaning I would have to travel back and forth. Is there another way ? I dont want to lose my Citizenship or him. I don't have alot of money to travel back and forth and he knows that. Im poor just like him. He wants me there. Please give me advice on how I can maintain my Citizenship and will I be able to stay in country if I marry him and to marry in the arabic way will it be Recognize in America as marreid? Thank so much.
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    Guest - you will not lose your US citizenship by living in Tunisia. Once you arrive, you have 3 months visa free. Within that time you go to the police station and apply for your carte de sejour which will give you 2 years residency here. After that you can apply for permanent residency and still not lose your US citizenship. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that US now recognises dual citizenship so if you wish to take up Tunisian citizenship you can still hold your US citizenship/passport/rights etc. The marriage here in Tunisia is a simple signing of a contract of marriage and yes it will be recognised in the US. As for you being able to cope with the life here that's another story. Oh and just for your information - if you can afford the flight from States to Tunisia then you are rich no ifs or buts - poor Tunisians find it difficult to livefrom week to week forget about a holiday anywhere!!! If you want some insight and advice then I'll be happy to provide that for you. Email me as below.
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    helo lesley
    i hve a aus gf ...we hve been chattin on msn sending messages for about one year in love with her and she invited me to come and see how is things in real
    i heard that a touristic visa for tunisian is very hard and i hve a slim chance to be accepted knowing that im degreed and umemployed right now and there is an age difference im 25 and she is 40
    do i hve chance hve a touristic visa
    will be waitin for ur reply
    thank u
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    Mido - I have to be very honest with you - you have no chance of a visitor visa to Australia. Even you have a degree you are unemployed and will need to show the Australian government that you have an incentive to return to Tunisia. Unless you have an employment contract, money in the bank, assets then I'm sorry but your g/f will have to come here to meet you.
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    Hello. I am from England and would like to marry my Tunisian boyfriend..I have known him all my life. I have an aunt who now lives in Tunisia with her Tunisian husband and kids ( has done all my life, hence why I am marrying a Tunisian). She got married in Tunisia and said it was easy to do so. However, I am still unsure on what I would have to do and how easy/hard it would be? I'm very grateful for any information..Thanks..
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    Jessie - I have answered this sort of question a lot of times. Yes it is easy to be married here. You do need some dox and your fiance must organise some for himself. Please go to where they have a multitude of forum theads and posts about English women marrying in Tunisia.

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    I have a question regarding marriage requirements :

    I have all the needed documents, except the birth certificate I have is dated, and getting a new one takes at least six months, way too long, we want to tie the knot in 2 months.

    My question is the following, Should I try to go through it with the dated birth certificate I have? Are there alternatives?

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    Miesho - did I answer you in a private email? I gave you all the details in that..........if you are someone else, please let me have more details please. What is your nationality, are you male or female etc and I can give you more information
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    i am us citizen and married in tunisia last april and filed an I-130 visa for my husband.....i send all papers in here and got an reply that they got the papers and of cours the $420.00 application fee and there is a webside they advise to check periodic...i have not heard a word and all i see its still in process...its uppose to take 4-6 months and has been now 3 1/2 months without a long does the process take and why is it taken so long???
    i know they are checking my background and i have no problems with problem is this waiting will they contact me...for any information on this kind of process i would be grateful...thank you and have a great day
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    Lola - I'm sorry but I have no idea how long the process will take. I am certainly no expert in US/Tunisian spouse visas. My best advice is to call the home office (or equivalent) and speak to someone about this. If it is supposed to take up to 6 months then perhaps they haven't finished processing your documents. As I said, give them a call and good luck
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    Hello, I would like to know if it is easier to marry in Tunisia or USA? This is all new to me. I am not sure about the Visa process.I am no sure which one to file and where to go. Please give me some answers. Penni
    [email protected]
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    hi I am a Aust women
    my fianc
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    JJ - well I'm not sure how complicated it is in the US but here in Tunisia it is pretty easy and straightforward. In regard to the visa well, you are best to contact your home office and they will be able to advise you and give you the correct information
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    Sassy - wow!! So many Australian women marrying Tunisian men!!! You don't need to apply to get married here in Tunisia. If all yours and your fiance's dox are in order then all your fiance needs to do is organise the contract signing with a notaire or at his local municipality. That's all there is to it. We do not have civil/religious weddings here.
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    ok nice thanks heaps and yeah there is a heap of us i have started to notice that :) are you able to tell me what documents the he will require
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    Marriage may occur between:

    * Tunisian men and foreign women without any requirements.
    * Foreign men and foreign women provided each party obtains from their respective embassies the documents required by the Tunisian authorities prior to marriage.
    * Foreign non-Muslim men and Tunisian Muslim women provided the man converts. The “Mufti”, the national religious authority, delivers the Certificate of Conversion that must be presented to City Hall before a marriage can take place. The conversion process can take three months or longer.
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    Sassy - as long as he is a Tunisian citizen he will need his original birth certificate (this shows all his life events), his passport and carte d'identitie. You will both need blood tests and these can be done here very quickly.
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    lesley ----thanks heaps i though he would need his birth cert, passport, but i wasn't sure what else he may have needed
    just to confirm myself i require
    1/ birth certificate no more then 20 days old
    2 / no impendant of marriage no more then ?????? days/ months old
    3/ is there anything else i may require
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    Sassy - here is a list of what you will need:

    1. Birth certificate no more than 21 days old - translated, copied and certified
    2. Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) - should be very recent but not sure of how many days
    3. If you have been married previously - original marriage certificate, translated certified
    4. Document of Decree Nisi - translated and certified
    5. Copies of the bio page of your passport

    I think that's all. You will have to have blood tests here when you arrive but they are very quick and in some cases you can have the results back the same day.

    The Canadian Embassy is able to assist with consular matters/document attestation/advice for Australians. They are excellent and their service is fantastic - I've used them many times.
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    lesley- where can i get the Document of Decree Nisi cause it is the first i have heard of this one
    and as for the blood tests are there particular doctors who do them in tunisia cause my parnter checked with his doctor and the doc told him the he couldnt do it and that it was better if i get it done here before i leave but i personlay would like to get it done there in tunisia
    as for the canadian embassy in tunisia i have emailed them twice about what i need to get married but still havent heard anything back from them so yeah this is why i am asking you thank you
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    lesley -- Document of Decree Nisi - is this to say that i am divorced by any chance if so i wont need one cause i have never been married before
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    Sassy - you must have your blood tests here in Tunisia. You and your fiance will go together. The doctor as such does not do the tests, he will give you a letter for the pathology clinic and you go there. Sometimes you can wait for the results and take them back to the doctor who will ok them and sign etc. Easy.

    If you have never been married then you haven't been divorced which means you don't need a decree nisi.

    You should be better to call the Canadian Embassy if you can. But given that you are marrying a Tunisian he should be doing all the work for you??? If he isn't tell him to get out of the coffee and do the homework.
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    hello lesley,
    Im going to apply for touristic visa as i told u before i have everything done,just confused how to pay my visa fee witch is 110 AUD from tunisia.
    please its urgent i waiting for ur reply
    thank u very much
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    Hi Midou - well as you can't send money out of Tunisia and there is no Australian Embassy here you will need to have someone pay in Australia for you. Perhaps your girlfriend can pay on your behalf. She needs to go to the office in person and give the details, they will give her a receipt which she should copy and then send you the original which you must attach to your application. She can scan and email the receipt to you as that is also acceptable as is a faxed copy. Just a note of caution, my husband is unable to get a tourist visa to Australia, even though he is married to me, has good assets and can prove he will come back to Tunisia - the reason they gave is that Tunisia is in upheaval now which is a reason that he will overstay his visa. Good luck!!
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    hello lesley
    its midou again ...u told me that my gf may pay the visa fee for me,
    could she do that in nearest office from where she live ??
    is there many immigration offices in sydney or just one ??
    thank you
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    Hi Midou :
    Here are couple of offices in Sydney :

    Tunisia Consulate , Australia

    37 Miller Crescent Mount Waverley

    Tunisian Consulate General
    City:Sydney Address: Tunisian Consulate General Suite 211, Edgecliff Centre 203-233 New South Head Road Edgecliff New South Wales 2027 Australia
    Phone:(+61) 2 9327 1258 ; (+61) 2 9327 8060 Fax:(+61) 2 9327 2381 Website:Email:[email protected] hours:9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

    I hope this helps, Pete.
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    Midou - she needs to go to the australian office and not the Tunisian office!! There are main city and regional offices in all states of Australia. I don't have all the addresses but if your g/f looks up the Australian government website they are all listed.
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    hi my name is betty and i'am engaged to my tunisian boyfriend for a year now. i live in the united states. columbus georgia to be presice. i won't to live in tunisia and get marry there. but i'm still marry and in a middle of a divorce. but i have not have a clue how long i have to be divorce to remarry. i'm spose to be in sousse tunisia in 2 months. what must i do here to be prepare to go to tunisia and have all my paper work ready so i can get marry ASAP. i also want to know will i need to have any shots to go over to tunisia and what will all i need to get a passport. i'm new to all of this and don't know how to go about any of this. will you please tell me what all i will need and how do you get anything translated in arabic for them to see any of my docoments. am so confuse badly. please help. any information you can give me will be great and thank you.
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    HI lesley,I'm an u.s. citizen who lives in the states. My boyfriend lives in Australia,and we want to get married and I will be moving to Australia I need to know since I want to reside in Australia is it best to apply for spouse visa or work skilled visa and do you recommend to get married before I file for visa?So confused? Thanks
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    Betty - before marriage to a Tunisian you must be divorced for approximately 4 months. That is your divorce and decree nisi must be older than 4 months. Your fiance should be helping you with all of this...........he should know all the procedures. Do you not have a passport? If not, then that is the first thing to do. Go and organise this first. Then you must contact the Tunisian embassy in the US and find out who they refer for translations. All your dox must be translated and certified. Make a million copies and have them certified as well. You will need your original birth certificate not older than 21 days before the marriage date. Also you will need your original marriage certificate, certificate of divorce and decree nisi, certificate of no impediment (this is from your US home office indicating that you are free to marry). You will have blood tests here in tunisia and your fiance should organise these through a local doctor who will refer to the path lab.

    Good luck and if you wish to email me : [email protected]
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    Jessie - lucky you getting to live in Australia!! I'm not sure which way for you to go. Your fiance can apply for a fiance visa or you can marry and then apply for a spousal visa which allows you to live and work in Australia until you are granted permanent residency. My advice to all ladies is to get your resident male to do the homework!! Also go to the Australian government website which is easy to use and work your way around. This is a terrible admission but I'm not sure of the url, perhaps:

    good luck
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    salut tt le monde je suis tunisien 25 ans je voudrais marrier avec une portugese 25 ans vivant en angleterre pendant 1 ans et demi,
    je voudrais savoir les document necessaires pour le marriage et ou je vais faire mon demande de visa ??? a l'embassade de l'angleterre ou a celle de potugal ???
    merci de me contacter et me donner de l'aide
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    hama - cette forum est anglais donc en anglais: Please tell me where you are going to marry, in Tunis or in England? If here your fiance will need a lot of documents, however you will only need your carte d'identitie and your extrait de naissance. As for your visa, is it for you to go to England or for your fiance to come here? A lot depends on her country of passport
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    hi lesley i have gf from england i want marry her please tell me what Tickets required for the marriage ineed thank u
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    Hi I am Canadian woman. I have been seen this Tunisian man for over a year and plan on marrying him in 2 months. In the beginning we have problem with his ex girlfriend and she message me that he loves her and plans on marrying me then divorce me after he get visa.. I'm not sure what to think he tells me she is just trying to break us and that's all. I am not a wealthy woman I am single mother of two boys and we have a 8 year age difference.. I'm still not 100% sure if I can beleave him that she was lieing. His friends all tell me he truly loves me because I almost break it off.. I also wanted to know how hard is it for Canadian nd Tunisian to marry and for him to come here to my country.
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    Please advice how a male Tunisian can divorce an Italian wife. They were married three years ago and moved to Italy. After 5 months, they were no longer together. He would like to finally have a divorce so he can move on with his life. Any advice? Can he apply for this in Tunisia? If he can not go to Tunisia , can some one else be a proxy for him? Please help, this man has had his live on hold for three years!!!
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    Omar - where do you want to marry? Here or in England? If you marry in Tunisia then all you need is your Certificate de Naissance and your Carte d'Identitie. she will need many more documents than you. You will both need blood tests and you can arrange them with any doctor.
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    Babes - Firstly, a man in Tunisia can only legally have one wife, no they cannot take a second wife. Foreign nationals can marry a Tunisian woman only if they are Muslim and have no other wife. Tunisian women do not have illicit relationships with foreign nationals, however, it can be that this happens as it does in every other country of the world.
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    soulful - is this an internet relationship? If so then I advise you to think about this very seriously. Getting visas out of Tunisia is a big business here and many foreign women are taken in by the sweet words, the charm and believe me Tunisian men know exactly how to hit the right buttons, especially when they want a visa.

    If you want more information confidentially then please feel free to email me
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