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Does passport need to be valid for 6 months on leaving Thailand?

edited September 2010 in - Thailand
hi all, i'm traveling to KL, Bangkok and Phuket in October, im just worried about my passport, we leave Australia on the 12th of October 2010 and leave phuket on the 29th of october 2010, my problem is that my passport expires on the 19th of April 2011, so its valid for six months when we leave for Thailand but it will be just under six months when we leave Thailand is this going to be a problem?


  • Generally, it is required that you have 6 months validity from your departure date from the country. This is the case for many countries in Asia, however, the rules can change. I am not sure of the current rules for Thailand but I do know that India had a period where you had to have a year's validity! I would advise that you get in touch with the Thai Embassy where you are now to check.
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