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What is the currency in Croatia, Kuna or Euro?

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What is the currency in Croatia, Kuna or Euro?


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    It's kuna, and best to have it when travelling locally. Hotels accept Euro, and you will get away with using in many places, but convert to Kuna to be safe.
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    Thanks. What about taxi cabs?
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    They normally take Euro, but they would probably charge you more. It's best to go with Kuna.
  • During tourist season you can use Euros in almost any private stores like restaurants, bars, souvenir stores etc, but rate by which they will count the prices wont be so good like official rate so it is better to change Euros to Kuna before spending.
  • Croatian Official Currency is Kuna (1 Kuna = 100 Lipa). Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies and hotels.

    Some restaurants, stores, bars... accept Euros, but you can never know where you will have the good fortune, so we suggest you to have Kunas with you. If you are travelling to Dubrovnik, all informations you need are available at the following web site:
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    I happen to have a few currency's with me given to me many years ago. I was wondering if these are still acceptable today? they are as folloiws:

    1 Dinar
    10 Dinara
    25 Dinara
    5oooo Dinara

    awaiting your answer

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    Sorry dinar was the Yugoslav currency and is now defunct. You may only use kuna and euro..
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    It is Kuna, but as a tourist Euro is also acceptable. Depends in which area of Croatia you will be.
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    travelling to dubrovnik next july,and am hearing that the currency could well be the euro by then? is this info reliable, or are they not going to join due to economic crisis?
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    Travelling to Croatia May 2013. Are credit cards widely accepted.
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    Travelling through Croatia end of May and into June this year (2013) as the currency is due to change to the Euro around that time should we just take euros or a mixture of euros and Kuna?
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    It really is hard to believe that any Country with a gram of common sense would join the Euro after what has happened to Euro countrys over the past few years.
    Croatia is a beautiful country and a superb holiday destination but we won't be going again if Croatia adopts the Euro.
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    It's Kuna and better to pay in Kuna, because if you pay in EUR, they probalbly give you rest of money back in Kuna: You can check orinetal prices here:
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