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How much spending money will I need 2 adults 3 kids 16 14 11 19 for 19 days?

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We are going on a once only trip to orlando March 2010. 2 Adults 3 kinds 16 14 11. We will be staying for 18 nights. Can anyone help with how much spends we will need. Theme park tickets etc. already paid for. Just need money for food and souvenirs? As a novice all help gratefully received - thanks!!!!!


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    And how long is a piece is string?

    Seriously dude, you need to give some clues. Are you going to doing water sports, playing golf, taking scenic drives? Do you self-cater or eat out? If eating out, are you into basic takeaways or decent restaurant food?

    Unless you're eating mcDonalds and doing very little I cant see you getting by on less than $300 per day. So that's like 5 -6 grand total.
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    Thanks for your comments. We are doing all the theme parks so tickets already purchased. We intend to use the supermarkets for snacks but eat out in the evenings. Planning a few days relaxing on Daytona beach. Will be doing holiday on a budget but maybe a few nice meals out and and the rest fast food!!
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    We were in Orlando in June 08 and fortunately got and exchange rate of $1.94 to the pound. We took £700 having already bought our theme park tickets and staying in an hotel on bed and breakfast basis with Dinner three night a week and we spent the lot.

    Piece of advice buy your I Ride tickets before you go this is the cheapest and best way of getting around we paid £14 each for two weeks. This trolley bus takes you to Universal (although most hotels run a shuttle service), Wet & Wild, Seaworld, and the new Aquapark. They also have booklets of discount vouchers offering bur one get one free at Subway, discounts at Cici's which is great for kids $4.99 eat as much as you like, need to know more just ask
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    Hi done Florida 3 times, brilliant you will enjoy every minute of it, when your out there you will find drinks heat up quickly. Which means you end up paying out for the drinks alot, personally my advice before you go is to get yourself water bottle pouches (about 750ml size) that keep your water or drinks cool, get them in asda for about a quid, but trust me they will keep your drinks cooler longer save you forking out all the time, of course the kids will want to soveneir momentos you get when buying a drink, these are also cheaper, hand them over and they will refill them for a reduced fee.

    Money side of it - You never mentioned if staying in hotel or house, but have good meal in morning and then you will only need snack during day, meals at night are fairly cheap along international drive, good restaurants, massive McDonalds just off international drive on sandlake road, play area for kids upstairs, my girls enjoyed it. I reckon you could get by on $150 a day with ease, if all tickets and that are paid, Last time I was there 3 years ago only spent $2200 dollars and even at that was spending at duty free shop to save the exchange rate coming home (i went for 14days, 5 of us) - if a once only trip then have extra few hundred on a card just incase you want to do that special one off when out there, shows at night where you get meal and drink are great, (get ringside and some kids can join in)

    Have a good one
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    Florida is great! I would tell the kids to bring some of their own souvenir money if you are palnning on buying them some, but if they run out lend them a few bucks. It teaches them responsibility and you save some money. They will probably only want to go on roller coasters if you go to disney and those are the most expensive. If you are staying in a decent hotel then I don't recommend ordering too much room service! All in all your going to want at least a couple hundred bucks. Good luck!
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    About that last comment...I totally underestimated the money. You will probably use about $200 a day, maybe more. For nineteen days you are going to need about $2500. I hope you enjoy your trip!
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