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i want to travel to belarus from cameroon.

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i will like to visit belarus on single entry tourist visa, anybody with idea on how to get the visa... respond to my email [email protected]


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    Hi there,
    In order to help you with info about getting the visa, I need to know what country you are resident of, because different rules apply.
    Before you travel, it would be very useful to visit Minsk City Guide and see information on local sights and historical places .I am sure you will get what you need to know before the travel. Regards
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    well mark,
    i also have a client who is interested in travelling to Belarus, can you also help with info about getting the visa?
    send respond here or to my mail: [email protected]

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    Looks like the whole of Africa is obsessed with an idea of holiday fishing in Belarus... No sane tour operator in Belarus will issue an invitation to these passports.

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    If a tour operator issued invitations to people that then absconded while on vacation in Belarus - would the tour op get in trouble? Ie. are they responsible for the behaviour of the visitors on their books?
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    Of course there will be trouble. In the last paragraph of the invitation the inviting party - not necessarily a tour operator (e.g. a private person) - solemnly swears to reimburse all expenses related to the cutomer's wrongdoing and his deportation. Never had such cases as a travel agent but the fine for a "bad" customer is EUR 2000 or so and the paperwork is painful. Therefore a tour operator will think twice before inviting a "tourist from Ghana royal family")

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