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Guangzhou shops closed on national holiday?

edited September 2010 in - China
i am visiting Guangzhou on Oct. 1-7, are all the shops, stores and malls close on these days?


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    Offering discount product to promote the sales is one of the rules in China! So don't worry, you will see them openning as usual, based on my memories, the small shops and stores may close earlier than usual just on the New year eve because everybody want to go home for reunion dinner. For the holiday on Oct.1-7, it is the chance for sellers coz everyone have time for shopping!
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    In China, during the National Day Holiday (Oct 1-7), it is a perfect time to improve the sales volumn, the businesses won't let the chance go. Don't worry, hope you can enjoy the fun of shopping there!
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    I am visiting guanzhou from the 1st to 7th May,
    Can anyone please tell me is shops are open for the national holiday on the 1st and 2nd may, many thanks for your reply
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