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puppy scam

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suh king---is [email protected] trying to get $300.00 from me for supposley two chihuahuas her grandma raised her in florida her parents were kill in an accidentso her grandmas dog had puppies then died after that she is a student in a hospital in city of mbingo state fresno country caroon I even have her apt everything sound fishey i told her send me the puppies first and when i have them she'll get the money she said her scanners not working so i cant see pictures watch out for this person i was searching for a puppy an found her ad.


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    what made me suspcious is this africa story when she emails me it states eastern time an the way her story is this is the same when I was looking for a house to rent there are scammers for that BECAREFUL
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    This is crazy I had my heart set on getting the puppies, but somthing told me to do my research...I called the USDA/AND Pblic health they said this is a scam no animals have ever came in from cameroon EVER!!!

    Here is the reply email I got after my puppy inqury...

    Thanks for your interest in adopting this my lovely babies they are still available . i am just so concerned about their welfare and hope you can assure me of that.they home raised, potty trained and well socialized and gets along perfectly with children and other pets.they are pure breed Maltese and AKC registered.their weighs is for the male he is 2.4ibs and the female is 2.5lbs will be approximately 4.2ibs full grown.they are updated on all her shots and will come along with a year health guarantee each.they loves to be carried around and cuddled and full of caressing and kisses. they comes alongside the following
    - A year health guarantee
    -AKC registration papers
    -Pedigree papers
    -Vet record
    -Food samples
    -Puppy toys
    The reason i am giving them out is because they was for me only daughter but she died just some few weeks back of a car accident when she was coming back from school so i don't like see them around me again now because they drive me to think of my daughters dead that is why i will like to give them out for adoption.they really need a home where they will be provided with all their love, care and attention they are being deprived of here.the price list for the that i need from you is as

    however,I will be shipping them from Cameroon Where I am located and i asked the airport if they will be fine with shipping and they said yes . i can have them shipped to you if you can assure me that you will take proper care of them but, answering to the below questions

    What state are you located.................?
    Have you kids.......................... ....?
    Do you have other pets......................?
    Have you ever had a Maltese puppy before......?
    Do you promise to take proper care of them............?
    Will provide pictures so i see how they are doing........?
    Thanks so much and get back to me if you think you can provide a good home for them
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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    I am interested to take the responsibilities of your puppy.i am a person who love pets deeply.I really wish to see the puppy before the deal..can you please show their pictures.I assure you i will take care them as my children.. Am expecting the pics soon.
  • How about jetty pets air travel? who claim o ship puppies to any where in the world? are they scam too?
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