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Best time to visit New Orleans

edited September 2010 in - USA
Could anyone tell me the best time of the year to visit New orleans and district please


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    Usually the best time for tourists to visit New Orleans is around the first part of the year during Mardi Gras. The dates from year to year vary, so Google it. Another event that attracts many tourists is the Jazz and Heritage Festival, also in the first quarter of the year.

    As far as the seasons of the year, the Summers here are usually tropically humid and blazingly hot, well into the Fall months. Winters are usually pretty mild, but usually get at their coldest after the first of the year, then tapering down to Spring. Rains a lot here. Just because there isn't a cloud in the sky right now, doesn't mean that it won't be storming in a couple of hours, so be prepared.

    Nice areas to visit are the French Quarter, the Faubourg Marigny and the Riverfront, as they are usually geared for tourists. The Garden District and Magazine Street are nice to see. There are many areas outside of the city that are nice to visit, too, such as the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which is a short drive away, and Avery Island, where Tabasco is made and bottled. If you are looking for good food, anytime of year is fine to come here. New Orleans is open for business!!
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    Thanks for answer, really helpful. I was thinking about visiting the area around November next year. I presume that the hurricane season would have finished by then. Really appreciate your comments.
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