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What is best to take to India regarding money?

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I hope someone could assist on this topic (I see many have asked but none have answered what I want to find out)

I see travelex has a 'cash passport' which as far as I can gather, is a pre-paid card (pre-loaded with the currency of a particular country) which can be used in the desired country to withdraw cash at any of their ATM's.

Is this more beneficial than travellers cheques? What are the pro's and con's?

I was looking at taking cash and some means of carrying larger amounts of money - either card or cheques? Any advice?



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    Hi Sir_K,
    I am not sure why you would need a travelex 'cash passport' when you can go to an Indian ATM and take out rupees with a regular ATM card so what is the advantage? Or is is that you can then access any kind of ATM at any Indian bank? Travellers cheques are secure as you can get them replaced if they are stolen or lost and cash them up when you get home if you haven't spent them. However I noticed last year in India that there are not so many Bureau De Changes or outlets that will cash them as there used to be. I know you can change them up at some banks and at the airport on arrival. I just take a couple as back up in case I cannot reach an ATM. Mostly I rely on my ATM card and have an emergency credit card and cash and a couple of travellers cheques - this way you have all options covered.
    It is also far quicker to go to an ATM then experience an Indian bank!!!!
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