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Restaurants in Bodrum

edited September 2010 in - Turkey
Hi - we are going to Bodrum shortly and would like information on Bodrum restaurants. I read that Epsilon in the old town is good - has anyone been there. Also La Jolla Bistro at Xuma Beach? Any advice on good restaurnts in Bodrum would be appreciated. Also, are restaurants still open in September? Thanks. M.
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    Hi, Lajolla restaurant in Xuma beach no longer exists but there is the original Lajolla in Bodrum downtown. It is known to be one of the better steak restaurants in Bodrum. Iti is near the marina. Epsilon has been closed for some time. I can reccommend Orfoz, whch is a small restaurant specializing in shell fish. It is located across from the Halikarnas nightclub. If you want some authentic kebab, then Denizhan is a good restaurant about 15km out of Bodrum (you would need a car). For fast food, Sunger Pizza is a good place, located across from the Marina. I hope this helps.
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    I hesitate to recommend as things change from season to season and even halfway through the season. However, well worth a night out is Gumusluk for a fish meal overlooking the marina and right by the water's edge. Sometimes not the cheapest place to eat but always excellent quality - the fish is sold by weight so check the price when ordering, very often one fish will serve 2 or more.
    You can get the dolmus from Bodrum bus station to Gumusluk but do check the time of the last one. Alternatively spend the day in Gumusluk then have an early evening meal - the beach is great with lots to do and see. There's a lovely shopping area of local crafts on the road down to the beach which is NOT full of the usual tourist tat!!
    Oh and everywhere is still open in September it's towards the end of October that things begin to wind down.
    Don't forget to have fantastic baklava etc at Mado in Bodrum overlooking the castle - wonderful afternoon treat!
    Have a great holiday :o)
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    You should check out the fish restaurants in Turgutreis. Not many people know about these. However they are excellent and about half the price of those in Gumusluk with fresher fish and a better price. These are unbeatable! They are located near to the Dolmus station and behind Migros in the centre of Turgutreis.

    The only thing that I would say is that they dont have the view of those that are in Gumusluk. So if your looking for a romantic meal you should definetly head down to Gumusluk.
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