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Is a visas and medical immunization required for entry to Australia?

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Are visa/s and medical immunizations required for entry to Australia? For U.S. citizens, and those holding dual citizenship U.S. and Australian?


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    Yes ! visas are req, immu's No.
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    Given that Australia has no nasty bugs, viruses or diseases immunisations would be pointless. If you're planning a layover in Asia, however, make sure you contact your doctor to check on current threats and possible preventative jabs before you leave home.
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    As far as visa requirements for Australia, it all depends on how long you plan on staying in the country and whether or not you plan on working. The simplest Australian Visa to get for a US Citizen is an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). The visa is valid for one year, allows multiple entries, and the ability to stay in the country for up to 3 months at a time.

    As far as immunizations, check with the Center for Disease Control ( They have a nice travel section that should be helpful in terms of what shots are recommended and immunizations, if any, are required. Just stay away from the deadly insects and animals and you should be OK (at least, on land:).

    Hope that helps!
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