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Grenada Safety

edited January 2009 in - General Caribbean
I would like to know if Grenada is a safe island for Americans to go? I am looking into a beautiful new hotel to stay with my family and I am a bit apprehensive because I have heard it is not safe. If anyone knows anything about the island please let me know. How are the beaches, people, food and the hotel Mount Cinnamon.


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    We were in Grenada in 2007 - safest place we've been on holiday for years. Never once felt concerned. There are some very poor areas but people were very friendly and keen to help. The island is stunningly beautiful, very laid back and not particularly touristic - as long as you are going for the beaches, sea, food and not fun parks and night clubs, you'll have a ball.
    We are going back this year - credit crunch or not!
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    You as an US Citizen will be safer in Granada than at home.
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