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visa purchase and currency

edited September 2010 in - Tunisia
I am confused now readying some of the stuff, if you cannot get tunisan dimar before you go how can you pay for a visa in anything other than UK pds stg.

Travel agent did not mention the visa, she did say it was a closed currency you cannot take the dinar in or out of country. We have UK passport valid till aug nxt yr going in 2 weeks. We were only going to take UK pds with us is that going to be ok and will we need a visa?


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    Sueimp - as you are travelling on a British passport you do not need a visa. You can take GBP but you will need to change them into Dinar as foreign currency is very rarely accepted. There are banks on the ground and 1st level of Tunis airport and you can just change some of the money there so that you will have some to pay for transport etc.

    I hope you will enjoy Tunisia
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