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Civil engineer scam

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I've been reading all the scams about
I joined the site about 3 weeks ago. Met who I thought was a great guy.
Was German just like me. Nice looking man but nothing that you would find out of the ordinary.
Civil engineer with his own company.
We fell in love in a matter of started off slow. I really didn't find anything wrong with it. Wanted to get to know me slowly and was looking for someone to grow old with.
He's 49, has a daughter who just happened to turn 10 on the day they got to Spain. He said he was born in Germany, came to the UK after his Father died. His Mother passed away 10 years ago and his wife died in child birth.
He is an only child. I asked what happened to his daughters grandparents and was told that they wanted nothing to do with her or him and blamed him for the death of there daughter.
And get this...just to make it PERFECT his birthday is Feb 14th.
Now of course looking at him I thought he was just perfect. I invited him to come to Canada for Christmas. He didn't want to wait that long. He wanted to come right away.'s the kicker. That morning at the office an emergency came up and he had to fly to spain for 2 wks to finish a gov't house project. Didn't leave right away. Left on the Sunday.
Then the plan was to fly from there to Canada. I asked him to wait till the end of Oct because I didn't have time right now. He said whatever was convienent for me.
Didn't think nothing of it. Was thrilled he was going to come here. Had my parents feverishly cleaning and preparing the guest rooms for them. After all...he was German. What could possibly go wrong.
We chatted online. He called me from home. He was only ever online during his hrs which in London would have been 5 hrs ahead.
The emails were sweet. He wanted to treat me like a queen. Wanted to marry me. I was the women every man dreamed of marrying. I was his "ANGEL"
Wow..finally I found this great man who cared and wanted to be with me.
He wanted to relocate his company to Canada if we fell in love, wanted me to help him run the company. I
t was all believeable since none of it was over the top.
He was comfortable..not wealthy but comfortable enough that he could take care of his family.
Wanted his daughter to have grandparents which she would have gotten along with a whole family to love her.

It was great..the man had my heart.
Sent me a message and text message when he got to Spain that they arrived safe and he really missed me and wished I was with them.
It was wonderful...the next day he told me he had to buy some supplies to finish the job. He said if he bought it from Valencia he could get it right away and finish the job faster...if he bought it in Madrid it would take a couple of days but would save $10,000. Wanted my opinion on what to do. I of course thought that was really sweet so I told him to wait and safe the money.
The next day he calls me in the middle of the night to ask me to come online. HIs voice from the very beginning sounded weird. I said he sounded like someone from Pakistan..and his spelling was awful sometimes.
So I get online and he tells me that the goods are stuck at the border and he needs $5,000 to get them out.
Now considering I know all about these things, it didn't seem strange for the amount of goods and what he brought in.
I asked why they had not informed him of this when he purchased the goods and was told that they didn't have the stock from one location so they brought the stock that they had from New Zealand. Ok the two tractors he purchased and the materials are now stuck.
I asked him what he wanted me to do??? He said can you help me out with money. At that point the bottom dropped out. My heart stopped and I just sat there. I "IM" back 'NO".
He said come on, it's only $5000. I again told him I have no money, which I don't and that it was his company and if he was dumb enough not to have a back up fund that wasn't my problem.
He persisted and finally gave up and said he'd figure it out. Also said not to tell my parents since he didn't want them thinking he was a beggar.
We talked for another couple of hrs and then he said his daughter wanted to go down to the river.
He takes her everywhere with him and has her home schooled.
The pics he'd sent me were from 2007. I asked him to take a picture of the two of them today so I could see what they both looked like when I picked them up at the airport.
The picture was definately them...I was thrilled. He was real. Then he asked me again for money..and that he was sad because he really wanted to get the job done so he could come visit.
I again said no.
I then asked him to provide me with customs documents with the break down of all the materials etc and the bill for the $5000 and I"d see what I could do.
He instead sends me a really BAD looking international passport and CV documents outlining his schooling, company name etc.
I emailed him back and told him to try again. Told him he was a liar...etc....etc
I was pissed and kept sending him insulting emails. He stopped emailing me.
This past Sat he emailed me and said he was very sorry for sending false documents but he had to protect his daughter. He said that he really did want to get to know me better and that I was really cool. Also said that he realized lying wasn't going to get him anywhere.
Ok..I gave him another chance...but told him in no uncertain terms 'DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY"...well he was good for the day and then it came up again.
I told him I had no clue if he was real and that I would NOT give him any. He said I was selfish. I played the sad girlfriend and told him how sorry I was that I couldn't help.
My last email to him basically said...If your love is hinged on me giving you money, I'd rather not have it.

I haven't heard from him since.

I will not put in his yahoo address in case he is real.

Has anyone come across this scam before? He is based in London and was travelling to Spain.
His spelling was always off, but on occasion it was better than others.

I don't know. He even told me if I didn't trust him I could put the money directly into the customs bank account.
My bottom line was and still is "I have no money"..and I don't.

Any help on this one would be appreciated.



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    hi. read your blog. was happy you didn't fall into the guy's scam. i haven't encountered/heard this scam before but it kept me thinking how many people would have easily fallen into it. just beware of people askins you for money online. scammers prolifirate the net.:-) [email protected]
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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    polarbear, I think just encounter the same man...please contact me @ [email protected] need to make sure, please...just met him two nights ago..will you help me? I have pics he sent me..maybe you got the same ones..


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    Sames here, but had a feeling right away, similar story...I have pictures and would like to make sure it is the same email: [email protected]
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    i have met a man on as the first story..a few changes..he is asking for allot of money...please email me the pics of him..i am getting a sick feeling..this guy is in london aswell [email protected]
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    I have a feeling the first story was exactly the same as mine... Words to words.. This is really sick. But, the good thing was that I did not give him anything at the end..
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    I was also contacted and had about 3 weeks of conversation. Very sweet, loving messages via email and IM. He said he was an oil rig contractor. German born with a German accent on the phone so i did not suspect anything. He said he owned homes in Troy mi, London and Paris. He was working in Africa and there was a tragic accident. He needed money to pay for damages to the rig and to compensate the family of the local worker who was killed. Beware! When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!
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    Hello, I am really shocked because the first story sounds as mine. I have met a person on a german portal 4 weeks ago. Good looking, very smart, emails by day and night...I have felt doubtfully a few days ago. He told me about a project in Dubai what he has to finalize before we can start our life together. He was taking about love..we have never met, just contacted via Email. How could someone find love, when you never have met in person? This week he told me that he is in trouble with any custom issues and need to find a person who could give him GBP 19000. He asked me if i know someone. If he will get money we can meet soon, if not, it takes much longer. I have finished the conversation immedialtey, now he calls me hourly. If someone is interested, we can change pictures. The email is from a provider, pre dial +44, messages from Blackberry have an auto signature with anything from Airtel Nigeria.

    Thanks you to everyone on this portal, it helps me to see the truth.
    If someone wants to exchange eyperiences [email protected]
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    I had a similar experience. Got an email from a man on Facebook stating he thought my profile pic was 'beautiful' I wrote back and thanked him and we started chatting. For weeks everything was great. I was told he was a civil engineer from the UK who had his own business, cared for his mom, had one daughter and was widowed. His wife supposedly died of brain cancer. Then I get a message stating his company just got a contract to build a power plant transformer in Malaysia and he would be going to Malaysia for 2 wks to oversee the plans. We still corresponded by yahoo messenger during this time. Then he messaged me that he was running low on money and had to go to the bank the next morning. The next day he messaged me that his credit card was missing some kind of chip and he was unable to withdraw funds and needed $1000 until the next week when he was paid. I didn't have the money and when I told him that he was very upset and stated that he would have no food or transportation. I foolishly sent him $300 but told him that this was all that I had and not to ask for more. This was on Thursday. The next Monday he told me that work should be done on Tuesday and he would give his presentation and then be paid and was planning to come to the US to visit with me before going home. On Tuesday he messaged me that there was a problem. The payment had to be deposited into an account in Malaysia before he could transfer it to his bank and he needed $1500 to open the account. He stated if I sent the $1500 he would deposit the money and immediately send me $5000 for all of my trouble and to refund me. I told him NO-- there was no more money and then told him that I was suspicious because of all of the money he was asking for. He got very angry and kept sending me messages saying how terrible it was of me to deny him access to leave that country and how he was out of money with no way to collect the payment he had received. He stated his Mom collapsed and was in a coma and was at the hosp and he had to get home. He continued to message me repeatedly for money until I finally had to block him from FB and email/messenger. I believe this was a scam. His name supposedly was Williams Robert and he was a civil engineer in the UK. Yes, I lost $300 but I have just considered that payment for my stupidity.. I am curious if anyone else has heard of this man or this scenario.
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    I am in stock reading all these posts because it sounds very similiar to my recent experience. I send out a couple of emails that left their emails posted with a picture of this guy from the UK. He needs to be stopped.

    If USgirl can contact me, I would greatly appreciated.

    My email is [email protected]

    Please feel free to contact me, I am digusted with the person's behaviour
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    sorry was so upset that I misspelled my own email

    [email protected]

    Thanks !!!
  • might be same guy i got scammed by for a whole lot more. have researched, seems to change states/countries of origin/dilemna, but the hook seems to be the same. single due to wife dying, solely raising young daughter with nanny? let me know if any of this sounds familiar!
  • might be same guy i got scammed by for a whole lot more. have researched, seems to change states/countries of origin/dilemna, but the hook seems to be the same. single due to wife dying, solely raising young daughter with nanny? let me know if any of this sounds familiar!
  • also i have seen similar comments using names williams gerwig, robert gerwig. is very good at this, has all the wierd stories, but they all amount to same thing MONEY!!

  • I met a man online who also said my picture was "beautiful and that he is a civil engineer.  He says he is building a road in Nigeria and went there from the United Kingdom. He said he was born in Ireland.  Now, he is saying that he needs money in order to finish his project. He asked if I would send him the money and he would pay me back afterward. I said I don't have the money and he said that he was not sure what to do and has been really nice about it. His last name is Robert. If anyone has any information please email me any pictures you may have to [email protected]
  • @Heaskedformoney

    You're being scammed.
  • Mine is very similar to you...german how lost his wife 5 years ago. His dad died young still...he has a 15 years old daughter...he has is own engineer. Working on a project in west africa...lagos,Nigeria. Rebuilding a
    met him on milionnaires
    nels242....Brian Nelson and daughter's Hanna.
    he send me few pictures... please contact me so we can exchange some
    he said he's 5"11'...47 years old and living in California. He is so good at it that he even send me a mail with is flying confirmation with name's of both on it...for this Friday coming. Wowww!
    Today...that's it, he's been rob! Hihihi
    I'm pretty good at finding...catch few like him already...he even call himself "the master scammer" .....he change everything about himself. I also believe that he doesn't work alone.

    Feel free lady's to mail me...I'll send pictures!

    [email protected]
    KaylaMay :)
  • Heaskedformoney....sounds pretty much like mine...almost same
  • Hmmm. All stories sounds like someone I 'met' mid-June 2014. He 'found' me on Facebook stating he liked a comment I made on a certain post and was drawn to me. But when asked what post it was, he could not recall. He gave his name after the first contact. Hoping I would respond...and I did informing him that I was not really interested in dating. His name was David. We stated chatting when he was available which was daily - UK time, which I am very used to since that's where my family lives.

    We chatted for about a week and a half before he got news that a contract he had been waiting for had come through. He was very excited about it and wanted to come to the US to see me before he traveled. I didn't think he had time to travel anywhere else but where he needed to go (china and nigeria) considering the plans he laid out to me. He apparently had to pay for the first phase of the building of 75km of road to connect three rural communities in Nigeria...oh and work on a bridge. He's a civil engineer and securities professional, is widowed and has two adult children. Wife died 6 years ago in a car accident.
    He admitted to have dated a woman in Brazil for a year but it didnt work out because her husband wanted her back. Seemed like the perfect gentleman, the perfect partner.

    To cut this long story short. When he got there, he found out that there were 5 contracts, and his included an addition of 15km of road he had not budgeted for, but he had to do some calculations and would be fine. But You guessed it, he started running out of money because the lubricants and diesel were much more costly than he had anticipated. Then there was a death on the site. One of the blades on a machine broke and seriously injured one of his workers (he had hired 17...and had partners who helped him get the contract but were not really financially able to assist) who, consequently died the next day. He asked what I thought he should do as he had found out that this worker had a wife with 5 children, the youngest of which was 3 months old. He had planned to compensate them but didn't know how much. He stated that this worker's death was due to his own carelessness but he felt obligated to do something for his widow.

    This past week he told me that he would not have enough money to see him through the final stages of this project. The terms of this contract seemed very odd to me...and why he had to pay out of pocket, weirder still. He told me that he had payroll coming up (for 17 people), lubricants and diesel fuel on order and inspectors (lo and behold) coming out on Wednesday to check on his progress. (All this is via FB messenger by the way, we've not spoken at this time). He needed $15,000 maximum to get him through and he promised he would pay me back double the amount once he got paid from the contract. Then he started begging...'soliciting my assistance no matter how small'...and 'you are one of my last resorts honey'...this after I told him I was not in the position to do so and also after suggesting he contact his bank to extend him a line of credit. His bank being familiar with his business would have been a better option. Well needless to say, I did some investigating of my own and told him what I found. His response: 'Women...You ask them for something and they come back with excuses but later come back and say they are sorry. If I had doubts I should have asked questions instead of insulting him' He went on to say I could have asked for his company name and address, passport information etc and that he was disappointed....but that was not what I asked for. I gave him a copy of the link and told him that his furnishing of that information would have been bogus was obvious he did not open the link. I strongly suggested he stop and search his soul about what he was doing, find Jesus and stop preying on unsuspecting women. My guess is, the few women on his FB page are women he has lined up as his next 'victims'

    He told me his name was David Anderson...though it took a couple of weeks for him to tell me his last name. (I did a little research and found out there is a real David Anderson but highly doubt the person who contacted me is the bonafide David Anderson) There is very little information on his FB page about him except a date of birth of 11.10.62 and that he is self employed. I also found out in 2010, using the same scam he, if it is the same person, used an alias of David Elias....same story, children's ages change but the road/bridgework in Nigeria is the same ploy.
  • This scammer was a quick worker, they usually whisper sweet nothings in your ear and tell you that you are the
    one and only woman for them before they go in for the kill, by that time most women have been hooked, their common sense and brains flying out the window.

    No individual or company would be granted a contract without background checks and the available funds to enter into a construction project. People do not seem to understand that Nigeria is capable of building its own roads and buildings and does not need foreigners. Well done for seeing this scammer for what he is.
  • Thank you Alethia. 
    This is the link to the FB page he contacted me from Andy D. Roy 
    This one has gotten smart. He claimed to have been checked out…appeared to be savvy with the contractors lingo and contracting processes. What he didn't consider was the fact that entities aren't going to seek a commitment from your own personal funds…to my knowledge. 

    Oh and just to let you know, he also claims to have done a lot business in China to obtain parts etc and ships them out to other countries, so that might be another scam he'll try to pull, soliciting help because his items are stuck at customs etc. These people make me sick! So incredibly uncouth!

  • OK, it a fit of desperation to prove my gut feeling was right on ... here it all is.

    I went on 3 weeks ago. Met a man who claimed to be an engineer going for a contract. Had not had work in awhile. Had a daughter, and was a 60 year old widow with a "slight accent from canada." 

    I was shocked that he had feelings for me so quickly. He was smooth. I was going through a nasty divorce. I hadn't been sweet talked for years. 

    His name is Charles Gregory. Yes, he too used yahoo messenger, which I had used for 15 years in the early days of the internet. Today is the day he asked for money, after sweet talking me for 3 weeks. Telling me how much he loved me, adored me, called me sweetheart, angel, honey, baby. Called me consistently. However, there were a few tell tales signs that didn't sit right with me.

    In some of his love letters to me, I knew things were cut and pasted love stories, poems etc. When I asked him if they were, he would never respond. Then he started talking about his work as an engineer, and he and his "AGENT" were going for a contract. For a week he supposedly fretted about getting the contract. 15 other engineers competing. Then, he got the contract. All along he told me he lived in a city 2 hours from mine in the US. He was widowed with a 17 year old daughter.

    Getting the contract, meant he would have to leave and go to Malaysia for 3 weeks. And after that we would finally be together.

    I started being suspicious when this came up. I thought yeah, right. Then he called me with an international number, so I thought ok, he's telling me the truth. 

    3 days he has supposedly been in Malasia, and today, he told me he was not able to get his "tools." That customs wants $7000 to release his tools. That he put everything he had into this contract, had maxed out ll credit cards, sent his daughter to San Diego, and she was hurting. But that if i would loan him the money, he would pay me back in 3 weeks. 

    Don't you trust me ?
    If you asked me I would give it to you.
    I know you have it, you told me you were getting ready to buy a home.

    I refused over and over, even told him this is the kind of scam i see on Datelin.
    He DID get angry, he did say "DON"T YOU TRUST ME, it hurts me that you don't trust me."
    Then sent me a long letter on honesty and trust, talking about instead of earning trust, you trust right away, not be afraid and love will fall in place and you will see how trust works."

    I felt sorry for him momentarily, and apologized but said I have no money. He called, and begged, telling me again he knew I had it. When I wouldn't give in he actually CRIED and said I thought you loved me too, why would you let me hurt like this, when I am so close to being successful and on and on and on ...

    I deterred him momentarily by telling him I was broke, and my son was supporting me. "Do you want to talk to my son?" He hung up .... 

    So I began googling, and found many articles where the stories sound similar. 
    I arrive here and read, in shock.

    OMG. When we are vulnerable, we are really vulneralbe. 
    I'm so glad I was smart. 

    Will never go on a dating site again, and will be changing.
  • Well done bveser for using your common sense to get rid of this person. ;)
  • bveser, good for you for not being a complete idiot like so many others. Kudos to you!


    All the best to you.

  • hi ... 

    has anyone been scammed recently by an engineer using the name derek. based in SA. has a daughter (attending high school) who lives with a guardian.

  • So what if they have? Derek is not his name, he is not an engineer and he does not have a daughter. When will you people understand these scammers are not real people. [-(

  • Dear Jessica,

    Your question is immaterial because he is not an engineer, his name isn't Derek, it's impossible to know where he is based and he doesn't have a daughter.

    The reason I know all this to be true is because HE DOESN'T EXIST! It amazes me how people can fall in love and give money to strangers scamming them on the Internet...

  • Whoops, I didn't see Alethis's post... Internet is slooooow here in Havana...

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    Thats ok Terry, nice to know we are singing the same tune  :-\"

  • thanks. didnt mean he was real. just wanted to know if "person" had used these details on anyone.

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    What difference does it make one way or the other, Jessica? Why are you wasting one nanosecond on this scammer?

    In any case this is a travel forum.

  • I'm starting to think online dating is of the devil! I was approached by, you guessed it, a civil engineer from Germany. He's a single father who lost his wife in childbirth. His "daughter" Rita lives in Germany with her grandma. He warned me of his thick German accent. He called me and I heard nothing but what sounded like Haitian Creole. I blocked him completely. All lies.
  • I just checked mine by puctures. Appeared to be. Dr. Steve G. Jones...pretty popular guy. Thanks girls for opening my ryes. Was really naive. Thanks to you dumped him. Advise you to check the photos
  • My story is past so similar  and its the worst but what i don't understand is why no one wants to do anything about it  ill tell my story when im finish doing something about it ill be coming back to give my story shortly we have to catch him anyone want to email me ill im fine not sending out my photos of the ENGINEER  yet i have got to finish working on this and ill be publishing everything,after glad i joined 
  • "... My story is past so similar  and its the worst but what i don't understand is why no one wants to do anything about it..."

    Why would you expect anyone to do anything about you making a bad decision?

    Grow up, learn from your mistakes and move on.

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     i have got to finish working on this and ill be publishing everything (:|
  • Same situation here. He contacted me on FB in June 2014 with the name Ablerto Cundik (Alberto Cudnik). He had pics of him and his daughter, Sandra. Claimed to be a civil engineer, originally born in Spain with Italian parents and traveled on an Italian passport. He was in Buffalo when he first contacted me, but ended up moving back to California. He told me of a contract he was bidding on, but never told me where. When I asked him, he said, 'it's in South Africa, I told you'. My response was 'sorry buddy, you must have been talking to someone else'. He played his game, but little did he know, I work in construction, so every time I asked a question, he came up with some bogus answer. There were cues along the way that I questioned, but because of my current status, I ended up second guessing myself. Yes, he did ask me for money, but no, I never sent any. I thought it was weird for someone to ask for money to buy supplies for a 'contract', especially since he was getting paid! He even sent pics of the site and of him with a fellow worker...good looking guys, I must say, but not really him!

    I can email you the pics if you want, but it probably doesn't even matter. Email me @ [email protected] and I'll gladly send them to you.

    I learned a lot about my gut!!
  • We have him possibly operating out of North Vancouver, BC, Canada, I think. Same civil engineer story, now daughter is in Swiss boarding school. On Plenty of Fish, refuses to meet in person. He's just got a contract in Capetown, SA! Just waiting for money ask. His photo looks German but his accent is strongly South Asian! Bald, dark grey eyes, roundish face. Annoying early morning phone calls and stupid contract process alerted me.
  • He's operating as "Terry Anderson", a name that seems to match that of a legit civil engineer, poor sod!
  • Honestly, who cares? Surely there are "Lonely Hearts" websites to post this stuff?

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