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How much time needed in Guatemala?

edited September 2010 in - Central America
How much time do I need to spend in Guatemala if I want to cover Guatemala city, Lake Atitlan, Tikal, Antigua, without rushing and using local transport (not flying)? Can anyone suggest a good place to hole up for a week and relax and do nothing? Lastly, I am trying to estimate a decent budget for a 3-star level hotel, local food and transport and booze, plus entrancee fees - will $50 per day cover it? Thanks for any feedback, Dave


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    It depends if you plan and organise everything before you go or if you do it as you go along which will obviously mean you need to allow more time. I'd say 2 weeks is enough, but, obviously if you have longer then thats always better. For example you could then go into Belize as well, which to chill out on Caye Caulker for few days would be magical!! In Guat I'd say that Lake Atitlan is the best place to chill, absolutely idyllic with lots to see and do if you want....but also good to reklax and do nothing! You need at least afew days in Antigua to soak it all up and to climb Pacaya. Check out these moudles as suggestions of how to build your own perfect itinerary to suit your tastes and preferences. I think you'll find it very interesting and far more relaxing than trying to manage it all yourself!
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