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Travelling to Israel and the Middle East

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Hi there,
I'm planning on travelling through Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. I have noted that you can't gain entry to most of these countries if you have an Israel visa. However, the other criteria for gaining a Visa is a return or onward ticket and documentation for your next destination. Evidence of an intended visit to Israel can be a problem for entry. This is where my problem arises - my evidence of a return journey and documentation of my next destination will be Israel. So this proof that I'm intending to leave the country and travel on somewhere else, then negates my ability to enter the country.
How is this usually handled? What way can I structure my trip so I don't fall foul of this restriction?
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    One solution is to leave Israel for the last leg of the trip.

    There will also be no problem entering Egypt with the Israel stamp. This discussion covers that:
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    The only way you could do this is to change your itinerary around if that is possible so Israel would be the first country, but if you are not able to do that then you need to Travel from Lebanon to Jordan and then cross the bridge (allenby ) or go thru Aqaba to Eilat or the Shiekh Husein Bridge. If you want to fly the whole way then you would still take a flight to Amman and then get off the plane pick up your luggage and then re check in for the flight from Amman to Tel Aviv. You would not be able to fly the whole way without getting off in Amman.
    It all really depends on how you are doing the countries. You could also get a second passport which is a 2 year passport for people traveling int he middle east and then also want to do Israel since a number of places will not let you in with an Israel stamp.
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    We cross Allenby Bridge on sunday 8am in march 2011from Amman and are booked in Hotel Regency outside,Jerusalem for 3 days and fly out of Tel Aviv on the 4th day ..
    We have established that a Nesher Taxi is best from The Hotel to Tel Aviv Int airport the day of departure .
    We then have 3 days to do Jerusalem and Bethlehem,Masada and Dead Sea and Nazareth and Galilee...the question is how should we do it economically both in time and costs.Is car rental an option..Sandemans tour definitely is for day 2 and 3..
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