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Is Germany anti-Muslim?

There have been several stories in the news lately that Germany is increasingly anti-Muslim. Is this true? Are Muslims being discriminated against there? Given this, is it recommended for Muslims to travel to Germany or not?


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    It really depends on what you expect. Here in Europe, we have a very old saying, and it goes like this: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." It means you leave your cultural identity behind when you travel, and you respect the culture and ways of the natives - no matter what country you visit. This is an ancient wisdom that has been adhered to by many cultures who simply wish to get on with other, different, cultures.

    What we have of late is a cadre of Muslims who think that our ways should change to suit them, and this has largely been supported by a political regime that has sought to embrace other cultures at the expense of our own ... and it is not a sentiment that is shared by many European people. We see honour killings, committed by Muslim families who have forgotten (or stopped caring) where they are living. Germany is also quite a Christian country, and while I am personally not religious, I do think that when you go to a country that expects a certain behaviour code, you should not step out of line. This is only fair - you would not expect a Westerner to step out of line in an Islamic country - and if they did, you would expect punishment to follow. Due to a lax political regime here, Islamic offenders appear to get an easy time of it - too much attention is paid to cultural background, rather than the offence. However, this will not last much longer - and you can be assured that this situation will change.

    I have absolutely no problem with Islamic beliefs exercised in public - provided they are limited to Islamic countries. If I choose to visit an Islamic country, I have no problem with researching what the laws and customs are, and adhering to them during my visit (When in Rome, do as the Romans do - it applies to us as well.) There are many examples of people who do not do this (i.e. Britons having sex in public places / with unmarried partners, in Islamic countries.) We also have Islamics who think they can do the same thing over here (i.e. commit murder in the name of Islam. Over here, murder is murder - and there is no excuse, religious or otherwise, for committing these acts.)

    You should not worry about Muslims being discriminated against, unless you insist on being overtly Muslim, or if you choose to advocate terrorism. If you come here, and you choose to learn and respect the German customs and laws (and practice your own religion in private), I do not think anyone here will have a problem with that. You also need to understand that if your sister or daughter decides to date a non-Muslim, murder is not an acceptable answer to assuage the "family honour". It is far more likely to fan the flames of political change against Islamic residents. The fact that a small minority of your number still choose to plant bombs and blow people up, will not advance your cause, especially when most Europeans see silence from Muslim communities as tacit approval of these terrorist acts.

    In short, you should have nothing to fear here, provided you exercise due diligence. Keep your nose clean, and mind your own business. You can take that advice for most countries on this planet, and I would recommend the same advice for anyone choosing to visit an Islamic country. Can't say fairer than that.
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    your be fine,as with any country,you vist.You will allway's find,narrow minded people.On the whole most people are fine,go and enjoy your trip.Although their are nicer country's, to vist then germany.
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