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climate and travel

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I want to travel to Argentina. I want to do some hiking in Patagonia, and on the same trip I'd like to spend some time in Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina. What months of the year would be best, in terms of climate being agreeable in the various parts of Argentina?


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    The seasons are opposite in the Southern hemisphere. Winter is June through to September and summer is September through to March, which the best time to visit Argentina. October through to April are the main months to see this fantastic country.

    The climate is diverse, depending on which area of the country you are in and when. It can range from 35oc during the day in the summer to -4/5oc at night in other areas.

    In Patagonia, If you are lucky, the temperature may hit double figures in the summer months during the day, but they will usually only creep to 10/11c. 1 or 2c in the winter is a fairly standard temperature. Throughout the year you the average will be about 5c.
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    Depends where , at north you will find tropical weather, and in the south is very cold . In August you can still get some cold days but spring start in September 21 down there and from there will be warm and hot in December (december 21, summer start)
    If you are going to Buenos Aires the weather is like Georgia, but a litlle more humid and without snow in winter. There are mosquitos, a lot if you are going outside , where are grass or water.
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