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Am I being Scammed?

I met online this girl from Ipswich, UK. and i fell in love with her. She now wants to come to Canada to relocate. She wants me to pay for half of the fair. She says she booked the flight from a new agency Called Jacobs travel in Ipswich. She persistent on me sending money threw Western Union. So immediately tough she was one. But now i am not sure... I have asked her for copy of the flight details and her booking with KLM . It say it is confirmed! and i have the booking code... She said she made a down payment of 400 pounds. But it does not show if you visit the KLM.
Is there any way to find out if she is ligit?


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    I would go over to the UK and meet her first. See if she's for real, meet some of her friends, maybe her family, and get a much better sense for who she is before committing yourself or your money. If she gets excited by that idea, then she's not likely to be scammer.
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    I would have but have no passport. She says she as one and is a dual citizen of Canada and UK. I wanted to take more time on this but she says she wanted to surprise me. So she booked a flight without telling me and then asked to pay half... Now she is afraid to loose her deposit if i don't come up with my half. So i am wondering if a scammer (if she is) can they pay for the flight with credit card or threw travel agent and then cancel it after they receive money from me?
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    So get the travel agent's details and pay them directly with a credit card or paypal transfer. If she cancels the ticket you get the refund not her.
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    That is a good idea. Never though of that. But thanks to you, your first advice gave me an idea. (about going there). I called the airline directly from here (they also have an office in Canada)I asked them about the flight details, hey i had the booking code and was the one paying! And i found out she didn't have a deposit and that she booked it online the same day she sent me copy of booking (Not 2 weeks before like she said when she went to the travel agent)Now i am pretty sure she is a scammer... Especially have knowing all this i asked her for a photo of her with a paper with my name on it! I had no reponse or contact since!

    Thanks for your help David!
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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