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Is Nigeria Safe for English Female Traveller?

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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advise.

My husband is Nigerian, from Benin City... And want's us both to visit his parents & family... I normally would travel with some light google information, My husband says it's mainly the north which is unsafe, but the rest is okay... However, the more I have read the worse it seems... From crime to racism {towards white females}.

Can anyone tell me the truth?

Surely it can't be THAT bad... And I'd just take precautions, like I would in ANY holiday destination.

Thanks. :)


  • edited 10:36PM is not as bad as dat..even if u come alone u would be benin city,u wont be d only white face..ur husbands family would pamper u..u would love it in lagos and benin city...there is no racism in nigeria..women are generally trip to nigeria..i live in nigeria..
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    Hiya,, I am a white woman living for a year in Lagos with my white hubby. The only problem i have come across is that they all think westerners are millionaires and charge you as if you are,,,,, but the people are great and you will love the divesrity of the country. Hope you have a great time and bring plenty of clothes with you as they are so expensive here.
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    Thank you..!!

    Finally some positive comments. :)

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    Hi. I was wondering if Angelfish visited Nigeria and if so did u like it? I am going to be visiting for my first time this summer as my husband is Nigerian and from Ebonyi State. Has anyone else been to this area? I am very excited to go but naturally want to ensure my daughter and I are safe.

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    Hi guys in urgent need of advice. I'm south-african and i met my nigerian boyfriend online(not a dating rite) it was totally by coincidence. We started chatting and fell deeply inlove. He is just the greatest person i have ever encountered, not rich, still a student, but money neva came up in one of our conversations.he has neva asked me for anything but love. Only thing that keeps coming up is the fact that he and his family wants to meet me,i'm always speaking to his family and they r the most beautiful souls and have the greatest karma. We were making plans for me to visit him, travel to his country. Everything was going smooth untill i checked online and discovered all the scams that happens there. I'm so confused now and i accuse him every second i get of being a fake. This is really putting strain on our relationship... I really want to meet him but now i am scared. Is there any positive stories about nigeria? Can he be a crook? And what will he stand to gain if he is a crook and he lets me travel to his country? He is the most wonderful person beautifully spirited but after reading what goes on in his country i just cant anymore. Is there any precautions i can take when going there alone to meet him and is every nigerian we meet online a scammer?
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    @Loubabe - Hey, I’ve not yet travelled to Nigeria, but I will update you when I do.

    @Chox – I’m confused as to how you can say you believe he & his family have beautiful souls, but then question if he is a crook?

    Sorry, but I don’t think a Travel Advise forum is the best place for you to seek relationship advise, personally I would not ‘fall in love’ with someone I have not met in person… ANYONE on the internet can pretend to be ANYONE – Alter Egos and all that.

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    @angelfish thanx
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    Hey Chox, You don't have to risk your relationship because of what you read on the internet... Not all Nigerians are crooks... There are over 140 million people in Nigeria.., not all of them can be crooks... I think you should give it a shot... I don't think you have anything to lose...Try and have fun..., but you should also be careful... I'm proudly Nigerian) and I study in Russia)
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    The truth is that foreigners are quite safe now(just ask the vso people here, mostly british and they move around like anyone else). I would not advise anyone to come and meet with a guy they met online, he mayu be sincere but its too risky .In major towns like abuja and lagos I daresay that the average oyibo is safer than a Nigerian, but then of course unnecessary risks should not be taken, its best to let your host help yuou arrange stuff. If nigeria is unsafe as so many potray then why are so many expats?? I agree that the oil region may not be a good idea for a novice but in most parts of Nigeria white people are almost idolized! Once people see foreigners they treat them with so much respect and courtesy. There is this blog by a midwife/ nurse from the UK jo (can't remember her last name) who comes every year to lagos and she is yet to experience any problems. The greatest inconvenience you will face are power outages but most homes and hotels have power generators. Like I said before just be sure u don't go anywhere without ur host, once people see u as someone who doesn't know her way around then the bad ones amongst them may take advantage of you. Vso people have lots of blogs so search for those living in Nigeria and do come. Feel free to contact me for more questions on [email protected]
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    Hi, I have been living in Nigeria... Kaduna (north) and now in Lagos. So far I have had a good experience.. People are Nice, courteous and God-fearing. as with any Expats, they do expect us to shell out more money than locals for everything...but Bargaining is accepted here.
    Happy travelling to nigeria... Great food, good people and good places to see.
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    I am also in the same boat as them all other girls. i met and fell in love on Black beauty with a Nigerian guy, i am falling in love by the day.. his so sweet caring and he make me feel like his closer yet his so far far away from me. I love my african Prince, Am a South African and i am willing to cross the ocean for that guy. though people are talking bad about the country but Nigeria is where i am going. So to you ladies who fell in love across the oceans, let your heart mind and soul lead you. i got a nigerian friend his assured me that i would love Nigeria. so i Kentse am going dont care what south Africans are saying. Lagos is where i am going.
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    Am glad for u, lagsgidi is a great place to be. And i knw he ll be glad to recieve u. He ll probably be on cloud nine. Smiles
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    I am a Nigerian and want to Visit Ghana for the first time. Is it safe for me to visit?
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    I cannot wait for the day that i am able to step foot on 9ja soil. I am oyinbo(white) and though my stomach will be churning, i cannot wait to meet the wonderful ppl and my wonderful man.
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    Im working on going Nigeria too to marry my man i meet on line too. Still a little worried but some of my family now know and have meet him on line.
    thank you for the positive posting above.
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    I would like to communicate with you on going over to Nigeria to marry a man that you met online. Me too, I am planning to go in February to marry my man I met on line a year now. Please contact me via: [email protected] - looking forward to hear from you.

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    I too am going to Lagos to see a man I have met online and I have been nervous. I am staying in a 4 star hotel and he seems over the moon that I am going to see him. I have been scared I admit, but some of the comments on here have re-assured me. I have had lots of comments about the danger but what is the worst that can happen? Surely it can not be as bad there as the scare stories I have read as long as I am careful. The worst that can happen is he doesn't turn up to meet me and I spend 2 weeks in a hotel . Surely as long as I exercise caution I will be ok? The UK has not exactly been a safe place to live recently....
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    Really! You are putting yourself in the wolf`s mouth! Do you really think that you will live happy for the rest of your life? Sorry, to bring you back to earth.
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    I have no intentions of living there and I have not looked beyond a 2 week holiday or of spending the rest of my life with someone I never met, I really am not that naive. All I want to know is if the place is as everyone makes out. If it is as bad as it sounds it must be a slice of hell, yet the people are friendly. Surely not everyone there is a complete crook????
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    I am a Canadian female who has been living with a Nigerian man in china for over 5 years. we have a daughter together. We plan on going to Nigeria next summer to get married and maybe stay for a year. I have been told that we will be safe but reading about Nigeria has freaked me out a little. we love each other very much, i want to marry him and meet his family. can anybody e-mail me some info based on their own personnel experience. Thanks
    [email protected]
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    Hi... I am indian boi, i am in love with a female in nigeria, Well i want to know is the job posibilities are more or less?? or do i get jobs, even the small jobs also okie...
    I have a permanent job here, and i dont want to loose either...
    I am happy being single right now, but i need some support to stay in somone's house, till i search the job..
    Could you please tell me???
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    if you can assist me with info, please do email me at [email protected]
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    My daughter is dating a nigerian whom I have not met yet. She is very private about her life but recently shared with me a few things about him. She has made plans to go to Nigeria soon to see the country and to meet his family. She has friends who live there and will be staying with them. They are american friends. I am so scared because I know nothing about Nigeria. I know nothing about African people at all. I would like some honest feedback on whether I have something to worry about or not. And for all to know I love getting to know new cultures and all. People are all of the human race and I love to get to know new people, so no racism involved at all. Just I am ignorant about this country and the people. Can someone prefferably Nigerian care to be honest with me and help calm my nerves?
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    The southern part of Nigeria is safe and the people their are educated, there are many English women married to Nigerian men. Three of my relative married English women and they visit Nigeria often. Feel free to visit your husband's people and I bet you will not regret it. search4roomsdotcom
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    Hi Patsyaan,

    I know your feeling as a parent worried about your daughter going to Nigeria. I have just married with a Nigerian man. From my experiences I admit that not Every Nigerian guy is bad. Towards to what I could see, most people there are religous. They are worshipping and praising God with singing and dancing and all I can say is they are very cheerful people. If you are concerned with your daughter, please get to know with people who she is dealing with. You can view their face book and have a chat with them. From there, you will know whether your daughter relationship is genuine or not. I'm blessed to meet my husband there. He is the best man that I have in my life. I love him since the first time I met him on the online chatting. If you want to see my comment more please search my comment on the other side of forum.
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    Scammers are here to !!!!!!
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    For help, advice or preplanned packages to Lagos Nigeria Visit these Africholidays Travel guys, they are very reliable and safe.
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    I am also thinking about traveling to nigeria to meet up with my boyfriend who is now living there. I am extreamly nervous about the trip, and although i am excited to see him i keep thinking about negative things that could happen, which is giving me doubts about going. can anyone please give me reassurance that i wont get stranded there and how much money is safe enough to travel with but will be enough to enjoy my trip?
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    where in Nigeria do u want to visit?
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    i am planning to visit benin city nigera. i need advice!
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    Hi Cece

    I plan to fly out on the 28th of April just over 10 weeks away

    I will give my tips once back here (safe and well god willing)

    Are you Australia and if so please check the Nigerian embassy out before doing anything? The staff are really helpful and polite,


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    I am in the same boat. My boyfriend is from Benin City and we have a 3 year old son together.
    He wants us to visit Benin for 2weeks in December but I'm a little nervous about it.
    Just from hearing such stories.
    And I don't want to go without absolute full positivity that its the right choice. No trip is worth the fear of something bad happening to your child!
    I speak to my boyfriends family on a regular basis and know them very well. I want my son to meet all his family over in Nigeria and he has never met any of them yet.
    Just hope someone can give me some positive feed back?
  • I am traveling to Nigeria in December this year for 6 weeks with my two children aged 3 and 1 to finally meet my partners family in IMO State. I am from New Zealand and want advice from anyone that has been of recent. 
    Our tickets are booked I so very excited but also a bit worried.... Need my mind set at peace...
  • Nigeria is safe for female.You enjoy the trip of Nigeria because many best top attractive places in Lagos.
  • Nigeria is very very safe for you, we have only security challenge in d northern part of the country.... U are welcome , benin city is safe for you.
  • Before travelling to Nigeria it is worth checking with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    ALL of these countries advise their citizens against travel to Nigeria.  
  • hey guys i feel any rigth thinking person should consider a registered
    travel and tours agencies when travelling to a place for the first time i
    recommend weither you are visiting or
    relocating to nigeria or other west africa and needs travel advice ,hotel bookings, car rentals or other helps send  mail to
    book a tour or any services  [email protected] good
  • Hi.My boyfriend is from Benin City and we will visit Benin city in summer,but I'm a little nervous about it.Can anybody tell me some info based on their own personal experience. Thanks

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