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Traveling to the Usa

edited October 2010 in - USA
I was wondering what my friend would need to bring with him traveling from Croatia to the USA ( just to visit for one week vacation) Thanks ! :)


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    He needs a visa, ESTA form completed online, and a return ticket. Proof of funds and/or accommodation may also be requested by immigration officials.
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  • He need visa for sure.
  • Visa required
  • If you were deported, they will find out.
  • Visa is must. so sure you have visa ?
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    Yes,you are right.He needs visa another no legal way to visit USAs.
    i think this is very important information.
    i wanna discus on this topic so i m waiting your reply.
    Thanks for sharing this information.
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Requirements | Remove Conditions on Green Card
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    If a person is deported from the USA it is because they have broken the law. There may be a right of appeal but this has to be done in a certain time frame and the person being deported should obtain legal advice.

    However when someone is deported they are subject to either a 5 or 10 year ban on entry to the USA. Certain offenders can be banned for life.

    It would have been made clear to the individual being deported how long they are banned for so I find it incredible that someone would think that the USA immigration authorities would not know this when they arrived at the US Border or applied on line for a visa.

    When you overstay in any country you are breaking the law but somehow people think it is a very trivial matter . It is not trivial you have broken the law.
  • I have a valid US visa which is to expire by 25 June 2014 and a passport that is to expire 14 July 2014 and I have traveled to the state using Brussels airlines.Now they tell me I have to return latest January 13, that is 6 mouths before my passport expires.I just got here and I have not finished with the things that brought me to the states.What and how do I do?It will be a waist of resources if I get to return when I have not finished my businesses and yet it seems the airlines may stress me if I return later than the date said.Advice please.
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    Why do you not contact the Embassy explain the problem and ask them to extend your visa or issue a new one.
  • Valid Visa of the time duration he'll be staying in US.
    Original IDs, currency and that's it. 
  • I want to ask this question,i and my wife had a valid uk visa and I want to travel to the usa for holiday with my spouse, which is the best way to apply should tell my family friend to invite me or I should apply as a tourist
  • @ballo what type of UK visa do you hold and what nationality are you This information is important.
  • Am a Nigerian I have family visit (type c)visa please @Alethia attend to my question
  • The fact you have a UK visit visa will not be of any assistance to you in obtaining a US visa.
    You need to apply for a US visit visa from Nigeria , you do not need anyone to invite you.
  • @Alethia you suggest I should apply as a tourist that want want to stay in the hotel for the duration of my stay?
  • @balo you can stay anywhere you like, hotel , apartment, friends house its up to you. There is no "best way. to apply for a visa you need evidence to support your application. You simply apply for a visit visa.

    By the way, you state you have a UK family visir visa. There is no such thing as a "family visit visa" in the UK immigration rules. There is just a "visit visa" wether you visit family or stay in a hotel the same visa applies.
  • @Alethia what are the supporting documents I might need for visa application to USA if am under employment and am applying as a tourist that want to spend my annual leave in the United state of america
  • @Alethia UK has family visit visa (type c) if u really know abt it,so I want to know if I can tell my family friend to invite me from USA
  • @ballo I do not understand why you think a UK visit visa can help you go to the USA?
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    ballo, I don't understand your confusion. Alethia has made it very clear that a UK Visa has nothing whatsoever to do with obtaining a US Visa. They're two entirely separate countries and they do not share immigration procedures.

    For a US Visa you simply make the Application the same as every other Nigerian. Alethia already gave you the link to the Visa Application.

    The Visa application is straightforward, follow the directions and supply all the paperwork requested. Be sure the Application is complete and that your paperwork is perfect because these Visas are not issued easily.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for your advice,you are welcome
  • Good luck with the application, the US Visa is not easy to acquire.

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    Dear all,

    Kindly suggest me, I have valid uk visa and shortly I will apply USA D160 visit visa.

    I am confuse, Which Travel itinerary I have to prepared

    · AUH to NY to AUH (only)
    · AUH to NY to LHR to AUH

    I travel previously last year to London which I mentioned in my application, my UK visit visas is valid now which still I never use to travel uk. This will any help in my USA visa application?

    1. AUH to NY 12 days tour cost is my around 2 months saving.
    2. AUH to NY to LHR to AUH cost is months saving.

    I have good saving bank statement which could cover both trips.
    As per above you are kindly requested to advise which tour itinerary is suitable and acceptable, and if you have any other suggestion so please tell me.
  • Dear makhawaja,

    Not to be pedantic, but here's a few points to consider...

    1.) As with so many visa/immigration questions on this forum you fail to mention to single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

    2.) When asking questions do not use acronyms (short form) definitions, spell out the entire word.

    3.) You're adding your question to a thread that was started in October, 2010. It's much better to post your own question separately in your own thread in order to keep the discussion directed at your situation and not mixed in with others.

    That said, the US doesn't care about your UK Visa. If it saves you a bunch of money to travel via Heathrow into New York then by all means fly the most economical route.

    Good luck with your DS-160 Visa.

  • @Alethia good day how are you ? Thanks for the Schegen advice regards also to @larrybanks ! I have applied for USA visas in 2013 to attend a friends wedding but got denied now I want to apply again to attend a friends graduation what are the positive chances of getting the visas this time . Thanks
  • "... what are the positive chances of getting the visas this time..."

    Meedow, no one can possibly guess your present situation, especially when you give zero clue regarding your nationality or why you were denied the first time.

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