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Gran Canaria Entry Requirments?

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Yes, please could I possibily get some help here! I am 17 years old and my Passport expires September next year, I am planning on going on holiday with my friends in august next year, to gran canaria, do i need to get a new passport before hand or visa, not sure if it is different as it is a island.

thanks in advance!


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    Do you hold an EU passport? If not you must get your passport renewed in order to travel to Spain.
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    I shall have a look to see whether I do or not, thanks for the help dave, this topic can be closed, cheers
  • Hubby & I will be taking 2 grandchildren to Gran Canaria for a week next year. They have the same surnames as us. Do we need a letter of permission from their parents and if so what format should it take?
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    I would obtain a letter from the parents and carry it with you just in case you need it.

    The letter should have the parents name and address and a contact number. The contents of the letter should state the dates you are travelling, the duration of your stay and the address of the hotel/apartment where you will be staying. Obviously it should state that you are the grandparents and the parents give you their permission to take the children on holiday. Both parents should sign the letter and copies of the parents passports should be attached.

    You may not be asked for this letter but its good to have it with you.
  • Thank you. I'll do that
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