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visitor visa to the philippines

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My boyfriend is coming with me in the Philippines. He is a Canadian Citizen and we wish to stay more than 21 days. I know he should apply for a visitor visa. I was just wondering, can we get /apply the visitor visa in the Philippines? where in the Philippines? at the airport? how much? and how long does it take?

or it easier to apply here in Canada? The nearest visa office to my place is at least 5 hours drive. I was just thinking it would be easier to the Philippines.

can anyone tell me the website to check it out... thanks !



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    I think it is better to apply visa there than here. There so many red tapes .
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    my boyfriend is from turkey he will come with me in the philippines. does he needs any visa? and what are the requirement
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    Just fly to manila or cebu wherever you are going.. just drop in to the immigration either there or most big cities in the phlilppines and generally it is super easy and you are only in the office for an hour or so.. i am currently in manila and am doing this regularly... so very easy for you to do but make sure you give an address of where you are staying and someone as a guarrantor that you know of in the phlilippines and a phone number for them to contact you.. that should be very easy if you are already situated in the country.. and you don't have to apply for the extension up until almost 21 days.... Sincerely, Edward.
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    I am research student. I have to go to manila for paper presentation and I shall stay there for not more than four five days. Am I required to have visa? I am Pakistani national and currently pursuing studies in Malaysia.
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    I recommend anyone to apply here in canada before leave the country rather apply inside of the philippines. You will be experienced with long hour of waiting and slow and luck of efficiency by their immigration officer there. It was a very frustrate experience.
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