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When to get married in Marrakech, Morocco?

My fiance and I are planning to get married next year in Marrakech. We are trying to decide when is best? Unfortunately due to other commitments we can't get married in June, so it would either be the weekend of 20th May 2011 or the weekend of July 1st 2011. We would like to have an outdoor wedding but have told threre is a risk of rain in May - however, I'm worried that the first weekend of July will be too hot.

With most of the guests coming from England or similar climates when would you recommend to have the wedding?


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    Hi I'm a French wedding photographer living in Marrakech.. You can see my work on my website
    I would advise May compared to July, there is almost no risk of rain in May (I've been living here for 8 years and it rains in January..up to March let's say and when it does it lasts a couple of days, max!!)
    July is often quite hooooooot but it gets cooler in the evening especially at the Palmeraie, and if you're planning an outdoor dinner it's fine. If you have to chose July 1st try to do the ceremony late in the afternoon because it might be too hot for an outdoor ceremony earlier.
    I would definitely recommend May for guests not used to hot & dry climates...
    Feel free to contact me through my website
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