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Jewellery store in Vassiliki?

edited October 2010 in - Greece and Cyprus
I was in Greece a few years ago and I bought a couple of really cool resin bracelets as a souvenir from a little shop on the main shopping street of Vassiliki, it had women's clothing and jewellery. The woman gave me her card so i could order more if I wanted but I lost it. Can anyone help me?


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    Hi the womans name is Maria, her husband Spiros - the shop is called Vene d;Arte and their phone numbers are (its out of season so they are back in Athens probably) 0030 6937158652 or 0030 210 321 8511 Best Wishes Simon Morgan, Wildwind Holidays Vassiliki
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    If its not them it might be CHRISTINA - who is next door to them - I dont have her number but Spiros and Maria will
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