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Marakesh + Beach = Happiness!

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Wonder if someone can help me?
Im interesting in spending about a week in Morrocco; my ideal being to spend a couple of days in Marrakesh soaking up the buzz / shopping in the souks, and a few days in the sun ... Geographically, is this do-able?
And can anyone sugest an accessible (nice) destination within reasonable access of the city?
Thanks in advance


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    Hi Sarah, yes this is definitely possible! The two main beach destinations Essaouira and Agadir are only a short bus ride (about 3 hours) from Marrakech. Marrakech is one of my favourite cities and although it's hectic, I would certainly recommend leaving plenty of time to explore it properly. This means that you can take it at a more relaxed and enjoyable pace. It's also important to leave plenty of time for sitting back with a coffee or mint tea, delicious sweet pastries and soaking up the atmosphere of the Djemaa El Fna. Beach-wise Essaouira is a nicer option than Agadir in my opinion, but it really depends what you're looking for. Essaouira is a fishing town with a nice beach, a really arty feel, a nice little souk to explore and some delicious seafood. Agadir attracts more package holiday makers, so while the general standard of accommodation is higher, your experience may feel less authentic.
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    I concur, Agadir is a new town rebuilt with tourism in mind (and nothing else); having said this I do go there annually just to unwind. Fortunately Agadir does not suffer from Brit syndrome (ie drunken louts falling about) although you may be forgiven for thinking you have just arrived in one of the Costa's. It is very sedate out of season which is when I go.
    I do like Essaouira but this is only good up to three days or four at most. Ess is an old Portuguese/Roman fort town on the coast with much to see in such a small town. The medina is crammed full of wonders and is very old with crumbling buildings, many traders selling lovely things made of Thuja wood, nice restaurants (do try the Moroccan rather than european ones). There is so much to photograph if you wish but it is known as the windy city as the wind does get fairly brisk; far more worthy of a visit than Agadir. Ess also has a long beach which is wide; very popular for wind sports but stay coser to the port/medina as kites will be flying all about your head.
    Both are only three hours from Marrakech, for Agadir you will have to go by the new toll motorway coach otherwise it is five hours.
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    Thank you so much both of you .. that's really helpful. Essaouira sounds well worthy of a vist but I will make sure I have enough time to do Marrakech justice!
    What a fabulous site!
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    I have maps of all three places mentioned, if you want any then get in touch:
    [email protected]
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