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Working in Hong Kong Disney?

edited October 2010 in - China
I'm thinking about doing a 6 month stint at Hong Kong disneyland. Anyone have any insight on what it's like to work in China or live there short-term? And does any one know if their salaries are good?


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    Hong Kong does belong to China but still remains a Special Administrative Region until 2047. The phrase often used in this respect is 'one country, two systems'. Working in Hong Kong would be very different from working on the Chinese mainland. Working for Disney - well, even more unusual.

    You'll find Hong Kong is very easy to adapt to. English is widely spoken and used for signs - unlike on the mainland. There are no great issues with banking, health or food. The cost of living is high and so you will need to know exactly what your package is going to be. Check whether accommodation is included and, if not, whether travel is. The fares out to the site could soon mount up.

    Next step - write to your prospective employers and get a copy of their terms. Good luck.
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