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A Nigerian's opinion on visiting Nigeria

edited October 2010 in - West Africa
one of the most exciting places you can visit is nigeria..a nation of over one hundred fifty million people..welcome to beauty,chaos and the real africa..for first time visitors,i would advise you get a guide or a frend to take u round..take malaria vaccination from your country..nigeria is a cashrun economy..if u get a good guide u would spend less when u are in the country...there are all classes of hotels in d country..ur pocket determines where u stay...places to see...lagos is the newyork of africa, the largest black city in da world,a night crawlers delight..d city is greatly, transport, electricity supply , sewage and roads are better.. world class beaches, a yacht hotel, slave trade ports and relics, markets, malls, cinemas, clubs, festival and carnivals....others are ancient cities, palaces, walls, cultural and religious festivals,ruins of cities,wild life....scammers are not looking for u on d streets but online..avoid trouble spots and u would just be fine..avoid drinking water from d taps,buy from stores ..there are resturants to cater for your needs...with a good guide, u would be ok...for further info on nigeria, ask me directly..[email removed]..


  • nigeria is a great destination for tourism and business purposes..its just like any other place in the world..lagos d gift of d lagoon is a great place to be..theres no city like it in d world..d most exciting nitelife in of d third largest film industry in d world..nollywood..u might even be lucky to club with actors and actress...lagos is home to d fastest growing music industry in d world..its d soul of entertainment..lagos is more secured unlike cameras now litter d malls are waitin for u....islands..modern hotels are here for ur comfort.. .lagos is a tip of d iceberg..nigeria is waitin to show u d real nigerian hospitality...come and see 4 at ur d above email..
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    please am going to nigeria with my british husband to visit my daddy in lagos nigeria,please is it save to go to lagos,cos my daddy is dieing to meet my husband
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    @kemi, of course. but mind where u go. stay in the cities. esp lagos or abuja
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    hey all, i just want to find out about Nigerian id cards, is it true that in your country you cannot just apply for an id card and that there is only specific periods for you to apply? or can you apply whenever you feel like it. can they also apply for a passport with their birth certificate only? nigerians please shed some light on this matter for me. thank you in abundance
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    What are the medical tests required to visit and or to work in Nigeria ?? !! Climate - will it cross 47 Centigrade degrees ? Are HIV + people from other Asian countries allowed ??
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    You need Yellow Fever shot for entry into the country and Malaria pills if in mosquito areas. Buy the pills there as they are like $2.00 or $85 in USA
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    i am planning to lagos for a telecom job how it would be in terms of entertainment and culture also at same time is it more like a city with basic facilities or still developing place
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