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Ghana Cedi's currency exchange

edited February 2009 in - General Africa
i picked up some ghanaian cedis today at the car boat sale and need to know where i can get them changed into the brittish pound, i'm from scotland and want to know where i can change them in the brittish islands


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    How many cedis did you get? Unless its a large amount, don't bother trying to change them. The only place you'll be able to do it is where there is a large Ghanaian expat population like London. Otherwise, no mainstream bureaux de change will touch them.

    Maybe it's a sign you should take a holiday in Ghana? Very beautiful country y'know...
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    If one has very much of a currency in a country, that is as not as recognized, like the most popular countries that are well known for having their currencies more readily available; where or which bank in the U.S. can one open an account or deposit these type 3rd world currencies to get the most for them?...I've heard that there are certain banks in the U.S. and/or other major countries, that have these type accounts...Does anyone know?
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