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Lake Balaton, Hungary

edited October 2010 in - Eastern Europe
Hi, I had planned to go to Lake Balaton early next year, does anyone know whether the actual lake area was affected or is likely to be affected and is it still safe to go? I don't want to drop out if not as I suspect they need all the tourism they can get this year.


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    Hi, I am glad that some people are interested about Balaton, it is my most favourite place for a holiday!
    I am a hungarian and I live in England so I am not really 100 % up to date with the toxic sludge, but I tell you what I know for sure: It is about 45 kilometers from the place where the problem happened. It is more likely to go up north and not down south because they said the Danube might be effected later, (they try to prevent it) what is north of the place and the Balaton is south of the place. The city where it happened called Ajka, if you put it in google maps, you can see where it is and where the Balaton is. I wonder what can you do in the middle of the winter there, being so cold and no turist season, but if you lucky enough the lake can be frozen all the way and then you can do the wintersports on it if you interested. Not happening every year though!
    I hope you will enjoy your time there! If you like to try a warm water lake near by, try H
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