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Malaria and Yellow Fever - Travel Health in Uganda

edited October 2010 in - East Africa
I'm volunteering in Uganda, what is the yellow fever and malaria situation there?
Do I need to take anti-malaria drugs and will I need a yellow fever vaccination?


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    Uganda is a free Yello fever country; if y want you can take anti malaria drugs;or decide to take them when y are in the country
  • Great, thanks very much Grace. I'm always worried about travel health requirements when I travel overseas. Some of them seem to change all the time and it's sometimes difficult to get reliable information.
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    Hi, i would advice you to get a yellow fever shot for precaution. Also, be sure to carry anti-malaria drugs or you might just get it. But if you sleep under a mosquito net at all times you are bound to be pretty safe from the malaria spreading bugs....
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