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Is it safe to travel to Yemen?

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How safe is Yemen to travel to, assuming we have a guide and don't do any solo missions into the desert areas? We are interested in seeing Aden, and also Shibham for the Manhattan towers, and possibly Sa'ana as well. We've heard that safety is a big problem for tourists in Yemen with a few kidnappings and shootings in recent years. Is there any risk to us in the cities, in terms of hostility to westerners? If anyone is answering this questions, perhaps you can also comments on the best time of year to visit? I have heard Yemen is unbearably hot at certain times of year. Final part of the question: the Socotra islands are a dream to visit - is it possible or are they forbidden or too dangerous?


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    Hi I own a tour company that does tours to Middle East and North Africa. Yemen is one of my favorite destinations. As long as you are not doing this solo without a tour company or guides then it will be fine. Since you have certain areas you want to visit you might want to consider taking a flight between Aden and Sanaa , since the distance is far. The area to the south is were their are a lot of problems. Also, Socroto Island is fabulous and something to see, they have a few hotels and the rest is camping their are limited flights from Sanaa or fromMukallah- their you also need to make sure to have a guide. They do not have much in way of vegetables and fruits , if you are a vegetarian it will be very hard. When dealing with a tour company they will make sure to have guards with you when traveling outside of Sanaa

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