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Please advice: passport valid for 6 months needed?

edited October 2010 in - Argentina
Hi, I am a Romanian national, I do not need a visa to get in Argentina and Chile.
My national passport is due to expire less that 6 months after the travel.

Anyone has any idea if this is an issue with Argentina and Chile (I have seen today in the airlines handbook that both countries require only a passport valid at the moment of entry but some people belive that I should have one valid for six months or so...)


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    Hi Iorgandaf,

    Maybe just to be sure you should call the Argentinian and Chilean embassies in your home country to double check if your passport needs to be valid.

    Embassy of Argentina in Bucharest, Romania
    Union Internacional Center. Str. Ion Campineanu Nr. 11, 3er Piso, Oficina 301 Bucharest.
    Phone: +40-21-312-2626
    Email: [email protected]

    Chile Embassy in Bucharest, Romania
    Str.Sevastopol, nr.13-17, ap.111, Sector 1
    704 181 Bucuresti
    Phone:+40-21-312-7239 or +40-21-312-7311
    Email: [email protected]
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    Thaks Sally, i shall ask (I do not live in romania and therefor I find difficult to get back there to renew the passport this year...)
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