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Is Nigeria safe?

edited October 2010 in - West Africa
Attending conference in Nigeria, will I be safe?
I'm a British academic travelling to Nigeria - Abuja and Lagos - are these cities safe for western women? I've heard there are many scams at the airport and that British Nationals should be particularly wary. Has anyone travelled there recently, and can you give me advice on what it's like?
Also, are the hotels etc up to a respectable standard?


  • What you need to do is book a hotel online and ask them to pick you at the airport and since you are going on Attending conference you are safe and i donot thing you will get in to any scam but note there can only scam you when you are interested in the business there will introduce to you but not in Nigeria there are nice people too and friendly and if you just have that in you mind that there are lot of scam in Nigeria you will not make any friends.

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