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St Lucia weather!!

edited February 2009 in Caribbean

im planning a holiday to st lucia in october and wondered if anybody else had been to st lucia at that time and if the weather was still good ..... let me know!!


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    I am a travel agent who specializes in the Caribbean. St Lucia being located there is in the tropics with an average temp of about 84. Now there are months that are more humid so it makes it feel hotter. Those months are Sept-Nov. If you go during those times just plan on staying close to some water.
    If you wish for me to assist you further please feel free to contact me [email protected]
    Have a great is truly a dreamy place.
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    I'm St. Lucian and I'm also well travelled. This is about the best time of year to visit St.Lucia, in my opinion. The weather is absolutely fabulous now! I personally think the best way to see the island is to get acquainted with a local who would be happy to take you around and also able to hook you up with some of the best places to visit. I hate those hotel organized tours etc. It does not have to be me, besides I work but I like people to have a good lasting impression of my country. I can recommend a few tour guides (locals) who do this for a living however. My email: [email protected] Hope this helps.
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    I'm going to St Lucia on the 24th July - 8th August and am aware its the rainy season. Is there any reassurance anyone can offer about the weather in this season. School holidays dictated that we had to book at this time, but I'm worried that I won't see the sun and the humidity will be severe. Any comments people can make to allay my fears are most welcome!
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    I have booked a holiday to St lucia from 4-13 september. Is the weather always raining or is it like Grenada showers and then drying up immediately? I do hope that I have booked the right holiday and the weather will be fairly ok.
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