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Is Zimbabwe a safe tourism destination for a honeymoon?

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Is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe on honeymoon? I have some friends who want to go to Lake Kariba and Victoria Falls for their honeymoon, but they're worried about safety because of Mugabe's regime, would it be safer for them to visit Vic Falls and Lake Kariba from the Zambian side?


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    It is safe to visit Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba, and these areas really appreciate the tourism and the income generated. In fact, many of the hotels have been pouring money into refurbishments and upgrades and are looking better than ever. These areas in particular are peaceful as much of the strikes and protests took place in Harare during the height of political problems.
    Go with a sense of adventure and an open mind, and Vic Falls and Kariba will be a fantastic experience.
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    Kate has hit the nail on the head - Zim is fantastic and I would consider it a safe destination. If you read many of the reviews on trip Advisor or similar websites you will see that travellers who have recently visited Zimbabwe have had a really good time and have not felt unsafe at all. By only going to Zambia they will be missing out on a lot.
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    Thanks so much Kate and vicfallsguide. I'll definitely pass the info on to them. They're also looking at possibly going to Mana Pools, would you recommend it as a Honeymoon destination?

    Thank again.
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    If they go with a safari company, of which there are several, into Mana they will have a fantastic time. Its one of the best places on earth.
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