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How safe is Oman to visit?

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Is there any safety risk to visitors to Oman? I know it is a wealthy, modern city but as a westerner I do feel vulnerable. Are there any dangers for travellers in Oman – should I use a guide or driver if I want to explore the city and a bit of the surrounding desert?


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    Hi, Oman is pretty safe and you shouldn't be worried at all. What you should be concerned about is road accidents. In the capital Muscat downtown it's pretty fine. However, if you will be travelling around Oman you should be careful, don't drive in the dark as lights might not be good. Also, non all roads are well maintained out of major cities.

    Also, if you're a female, do not take a taxi alone. Moreover, do not hijack. If a random driver offers you a ride, do not accept it. It's simply that people here aren't used to do that. So, if someone does, it's likely there's something wrong (common sense)

    As a westerner, you absolutely don't need to worry. There are many westerners who travel to Oman and they love it. As long as you respect our culture and religion, you will be fine. You better not discuss anything religious or political.

    Source: Omani, living in muscat
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