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Is Argentina safe for tourists?

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I want to go to Argentina, but is it safe? It's hard to tell if it's really dangerous, as the news only mentions when there are riots or something. Is it safer to go with a package tour? Also, can anyone recommend a tango school in Buenos Aires? Sounds fun.


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    I travelled Argentina independantly and found it to be very safe. I was there for just over a month and travelled all over and never found myself in any trouble or even felt like i was in a situation that didn't feel safe. BA is probably the place that you have to keep your wits about you as its the same in every major city. Just be sensible and don't flash your money about or wear expensive jewlery etc. It would be the same here in London. You do hear a lot of bad press on the news but its definalty a place that you should visit.
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    If you treat BsAs as you would any large city, ie keep out of the poor areas at night and don't flash the cash, then you will be ok.
    BsAs has a functional underground (Subte) which costs about 20p (30c) a ride.
    A consultation at the German Hospital and a few pharmaceuticals would cost about £20 (US$30)
    You may develop withdrawl symptoms for top grade beef when you return home.
    There are no terrorist issues as argentina is very much a monocultural country but the communists were parading on my last visit. At least they are allowed to.
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    I travelled Argentina 3 times iin the past 5 years and I must say that it's the best country I've ever been. Argentinians are quite literate people and respectful society.
    There are very few places you should avoid but in general it's a safe country to travel.
    It's also safe for solo women travellers.

    Planning to head there again next year.

    Viva Argentina.

    Rao de Malasia.
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    I live here, and before that london, staying safe in any city requires
    1)not looking like a tourist
    2)know about an area, dont just stroll where you like
    3)take taxis at night, dont walk, no matter how drunk you are.
    4)beware of strangers in parks, they will distract you, their friends will rob you.
    5)if you have expensive stuff, never show it off.
    6)wear sunscreen

    Good luck
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    My sister lived there for a year and she says she felt safer in Buenos Aires than San Francisco. (She lives there now) The people are overly nice there and Patagonia was beautiful! Also, things are REALLY cheap there. She bought a steak dinner for a few dollars. Just remember these tips:

    1) Do not enter ghettos
    2) Be nice to everyone
    3) Do not act wealthy or new in town
    4) Always tip the waiters. Argentine waiters might not be so careful with your dinner if you do not tip them!

    Good luck! Nos Vemos
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    The thing you need to know is that with any corrupt country, it is unsafe to flash money around. Trust me, I lived in Chile from when I was born until I was 30. The law enforcement always wants to make money and will try to prosecute you with false charges, or else they will send you to jail. The thing to do is hang near 5 star hotels and dress up as a poor local. It may seem dumb but is virtually your only defense against muggers and corrupt law enforcement. Hope you have a great trip!

    !Prospero a
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    I am argentinian ,30 years ago our family moved to Canada at the time I was 25 years old ,since then we travel to Argentina often ( we have family there) so my spanish is fluent and I know every neighborhood and what to avoid ,every year the insecurity has became a real concern to the point that I dont advise any one to go there , no one is safe and the turists are a targets,there is violent crimes even in the gated comunities,thieves have guns and first they shoot and then they take ,it is very sad ,almost every one we know there has been a victim to some kind of crime .Years ago Buenos Aires was the queen of South America ,but it is so bad now that it has became a place you have to be very cautious o you may loose a lot more than your purse..
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    Cristina you´d better stay in Canada, you seem to have a lack of understanding of what is going on here in ARGENTINA where i actually live. May be you had bad experiencies or may be you read too much the opposition newspapers, that show most of the violent cases because they are against the government. If you are not a drug dealer, if you are not someone of the mob, and of course if you take precautions as in EVERY MAYOR CITY AROUND THE GLOBE you´ll be perfectly ok. it´s a great country, with great people and we know for sure that toursim is one of the best industries we may have here, so we take care of the tourists very well, and we are very good hosts in our country.....there always be people with corcens about something, but that´s even the same in every part of the may see the glass half empty or half full, that depends on you.
    Reason´s to come:

    The best meat in the world
    One of the best looking woman in the world and also guys (not only quality but alot of them!! they also die for a tourist!!)
    Health free , education free
    Best human rights law through all the american continent.
    You have equal marriage even for outsiders( that means you can have your gay or straight marriage in the very simple steps we always had for us, it is also a way to call more tourists that come here for marriage)
    Your night parties would be the best you can remenber trough your life.
    5 micro climates only shown in our country.
    The best places to make tourism in a very cheap way.
    the best wines of the hole continent.
    A lot of different places to visit for culture purposes and for tourism.
    It`s very cheap considering your actual way of life, most if you are european or north american.
    99% of the bad news you hear about us in your country (if you hear some) are suported by a media network that is agaisnt the government, so they always be bad even lying to you or telling half the truth, cause our society is no responding anymore to bankers, global companies or financial markets, so they are angry now and using the media to make an influence on people thoughts.

    You´ll be very happy to come here and you sure won`t forget it, and would come again!!!
    if any help needed i let you my personal e-mail, so i can give you some advice for a better trip if you like!!
    Good trip

    [email protected]
    See you around, Ruben
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    There are no problem to traveling is very safe for traveling.
  • Yes Argentina is safe, you don’t need to worry about that. I just came back from Argentina last Tuesday, and I had an awesome time there. I visited iguazu falls with my family on a tour planned by a great travel agency. However there are some things you might want to know before planning a trip to Argentina. I found useful this link:
    All the best, and I hope you have a pleasant vacation to Argentina
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