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UK or Pakistan Passport: Which passport should I use to visit Kenya?

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I have dual citizenship with the UK and Pakistan. Which passport is best to use on a business trip to Kenya? Will I need a visa to enter if I travel on my Pakistani passport or should I just pay for the visa in my British passport to avoid customs officials potentially discriminating against me?


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    There is no discrimination in Kenya. Hakuna matata.
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    Greetings from Kenya Rajesh.

    You can use either of your passport on arrival, the immigration office accept both of them. Please note that there is no discrimination in Kenya and therefore you should worry.

    Welcome and Enjoy your stay.
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    Use either. There's no difference. Large Asian community in Kenya have dual citizenship so nothing strange there.
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    Hello,i am pakistani national and willing to visit kenya,can i get visa at border or should i obtain from embassy before travel?thanks
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    please someone help me.
    I am currently living in UK on a work permit and basically from Pakistan. I need to go to Morocco for a short trip to see someone.
    I called the embassy but they are not responding.
    my question is, do i really need a visa?

    thanks in advance.
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    i have dual citizenship in UK and PAKISTAN, but i do not yet get my citizenship in Pakistan, can i get this in HongKong coz im living here in the PHilippines w/ my wife. and Hong Kong is near

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