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Safety for tourists in Turkmenistan, Uzbekhistan and Kazakhstan?

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How safe are Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to visit for western tourists? Is there any crime or violence directed at visitors, or any religious issues with non-moslem tourists? These countries have so much to offer in terms of Silk Road attractions but their exotic reputation is always laced with an expectation of danger. Any opinions: safe to visit or not?


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    Uzbekistan hosts more than 1 millon Western tourists per year. The first European country to visit Central Asia are France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria etc. These figures show that just in this country there is an assurance of safety for tourists. In Uzbekistan tourism infrastructure has been installed for the independence that offers services that are of international level. If you have any questions, I can give you more information.
    PS. Sorry for my English
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    Hi - thanks for your reply - what are the best things to see and do in Uzbekistan? How long would one need for a good holiday experience there?
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    In general, trips of 12-15 days are the ideal time to discover Uzbekistan, when it comes to cultural tours. There are also possibilities of doing trekking, walks in the mountains. If you want to combine nature and culture of 18 days to 21 days are the desired time.
    Uzbekistan is rich in architectural heritage dating from various epochs, and it plays a major commercial and cultural role on the Silk Road...

    You are welcome for any questions!
    PS. Sorry for my English
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  • It's very funny that many people talk about safety in Uzbekistan,Tadjikistan etc.Uzbekistan is safe and  quite country, and there is no need to make a vaccine. There is neither violence nor crime. We are a democracy country where u can come and wear what you want, for example you can see local girls wearing shorts etc.
  • "... There is neither violence nor crime..."

    That's a ridiculous statement of course, but thanks for dragging up a 3 year old thread.

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