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Uruguay safe for a vacation?

Is Uruguay a dangerous place to visit, or is it relatively safe for women and children on holiday? What is the infrastructure like? I have a distant cousin in Montevideo I'd like to visit in January.


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    Urugyay is very safe. Even the FCO says it is safe and they are ultra cautious. Obviously take the usual precautions - dont wander into dodgy areas and don't be flash - there is petty crime. For more information see the Uruguay travel information from Word Travels.
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    Uruguay is safe and beautiful. Montevideo can be slightly dangerous if you do silly things like walk through deserted areas of the city at night, but apart from that Uruguay is like a big country town and the locals are incredibly friendly,
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    Does Uruguay have a stable gov't ? And safe
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    My girlfriend and I have just visited Uruguay and had a nice time. First I must say that no matter where you go in the world, you must have your guard up at times and use common sense. We flew in to Montevideo then had a nice driving tour of the city from our shuttle driver to the bus station. We took a bus and stayed at Colonial Del Sacramento. It was full of great restaurants, scenic pictures, and nice hotel with good service. We even loved the dogs you would often see walking. They do clean up after them! After reading certain warnings about going there as well as Argentina as a tourist, we became a bit nervous. After our trip I was excited to be able to post like this and debunk or lesson any negative hype. They as well as Argentina are progressive countries people, so lets not over hype the anti U.S. propaganda. Show some respect by trying to speak a little Spanish(they like it) but if not there is usually a native who speaks some English.You don't have to get into foreign disagreements if there are any. In fact the only loud obnoxious person we seen on our stay was at our hotel in Argentina and that was from a North American like us. Awesome people Awesome culture. End of story. Enjoy!

  • Well said jab932, You must have your guard up at times and use common sense. You should take care of your self wherever you travel if you follows some safety rules then your trip will always be best and unforgettable.
    Best Of Luck For Future Vacations.
  • Uruguay is a safe destination - Around 20,000 Britis visit the country every year and the vast majority are trouble-free. Punta del Este is probably the safest beach destination in South America. Take local advice on areas to avoid (like Montevideo's Old Town), and to repeat, use common sense as you would if travelling to the US or UK or anywhere else. Things to be aware of
    - there are some pickpockets in touristy areas
    - watch out for short-changing in shops and markets in Uruguay
    - you'll be expected to give a few coins to the self-appointed car guards that 'look after' your car.
    Enjoy your trip
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