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What medicines should my First Aid kit contain for a trip to Burkino Faso?

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I'm travelling around West Africa and I was wondering what medicines I should take with me, especially for Burkino Faso? Will I need malaria pills or can I buy them there for cheaper? And is it possible to not take malaria pills and just use a mosquito net?


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    There is a significant risk of malaria year-round in that country. You will want to use nets, repellents, AND malaria meds. You can purchase meds there, but there is no guarantee that they will be the real deal. Doxycycline is cheap in the States. Plus, if you are taking malaria meds, you will want to start them before entering the risk areas, so your best bet is to buy them and start them before you go. See a travel health professional, cuz you're going to need shots, too. Have a great trip, if you haven't gone already!
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    Thanks very much for your response Lou. I did end up seeing a travel health professional...and am getting all the shots I need for the trip - I opted not to have them all in one go but rather over a few weeks.
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