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Which islands near Bali are best to visit?

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Hi - I went to Bali years ago - about 20 years ago - and we are thinking about going there again for 5 days from Singapore. It was relatively unspoilt when I was last there, but still lots of Aussies around the Kuta area. Is the island still quite unspoilt or is it being built up? I believe there are other islands near Bali - would they be a better option if we are looking for a bit more of of an authentic experience? It would be useful to get some advice on other options. I hope to hear from someone soon. Many thanks, Lucille.


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    Hi Lucille,

    Bali is still one of my favorite places to visit. I did not spend a lot of time on the mainland as my main purpose was to scuba dive therefore spent 10 nights on a live-aboard dive boat.

    While the Kuta area is crowded and there are shopping malls the highlands of Ubud is still rich is culture and quiet. Ubud is surrounded by mountains, terraced rice paddy's, and is where the local art and wood carvings are made. There are several beautiful places to stay and day tours that can be taken nearby as well.

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    Have a great day!

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    I have been to Bali 17 times, and as of the last trip I am now officially over it. Congestion, young men hassling and insulting my daughters on the streets with sex talk, over priced, poor hotel performance eg our last trip at Ramayana we nearly went and bought our own towels from Matahari, cons, money exchange cheats, poor infrastructure investment, etc. I would suggest you stay at the Mandira or in Seminyak. Think very carefully about what you need and the location should provide a supermarket for bulk drinks etc, a Kodak or Western Union money exchanger (be aware of unreal rates - they are basically that, restaurants, security (even the best hotels have great front of house security but you can walk in the back unchallenged. As for shops - you can always taxi there. Avoid Kuta from noon onwards and never trust anyone on the streets. Take biotic hand wash and wet ones. Avoid areas with lots of Aussies - they are rude - poorly behaved and an embarrassment to our country. You often see scantily clad blokes and birds with a million rupiah drinking beer on the streets, racing scooters and full of themselves. Unfortunately Bali has changed. I suggest you go to Jakarta - much safer, cleaner, sincere, cheaper - just stop in Bali for two days for the DVD's and massages.


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    Dear Lucille,
    Go can go to Lombok.... or Nusa lembongan. It's beautiful and cozy
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    I am a traveler and I have been in Bali, Indonesia. I really enjoyed staying in Bali indonesia. I have gone to Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It was a nice experienced while i was on that island. try to visit their most waited attractions in Bali, Indonesia. I got this wonderful information from this site asia DOT com/flights-country-info/Indonesia And thanks to this site because it was a big help to me while staying in Bali, Indonesia.

    thank you!
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    Lombok Island and Gilis (Gili Trawangan, Gili meno, Gili Air, Gili Nanggu)
  • Indonesia is full of amazing islands to explore. Bali's neighbours include Java, Lombok and the Gili islands islands. Check out the link to our website where you can find numerous itineraries that take you on the best routes around the the islands stopping off at all the highlights along the way..
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    You can go to east java... to go Bromo Mountain... great view on Sunrise... with Active Volcano.... also don't forget to find java coffee called kopi jawa"...
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    Just got back from another great trip to Bali (5X in two years). I haven't experienced the negativity as the earlier post mentioned, but I've stayed away from the tourist areas.

    A couple weeks ago my friend took me to Nusa Lembogan, an island easily accessible by "fast boat" from Sanur (the south of Bali). We paid $35 round trip. No cars on the island, very few tourists, motorbikes are safe as it's quiet and the water is pristeen..well worth the trip. It was so lovely if felt like a dream. Enjoy!

    missing Bali in California
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    I must agree with all the places, each and tourist of Bali is Fun loving and of course must visit. It is the beauty of of nature, pleasant temperature, beaches and temples which attracts me and every Indians. Here are few destinations which I added in my Itiniraty during a trip of 2 weeks. Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana, Bali Orchid Garden, Uluwatu Temple, Karangasem Grand Palace, Kuta Beach and Ubud.
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    Hi, there. If you looking for some beaches that not many people known yet, you can visit this beautiful place I found in Pacitan, East Java. You can see the review about the place here You can see the famous rock and the Indonesian version of fountain of youth here :)
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    No doubt, Indonesia is the country with most largest and beautiful island but i think Nusa lembongan is the best place to visit !

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