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What's Paraguay like? Is it safe?

Is Paraguay safe to travel in? I want to take my dad on a 'wild' jungle-trekking-type vacation before he gets too old, but I'd rather deal with leopards and monkeys than guerillas and gangs. Should I be concerned about the crime? Is it dangerous? or am I being silly.


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    maybe you've made travel plans already, but here's my two cents..
    I spent 10 months in Paraguay last year, in Ciudad del Este. I miss it all the time, and it's a beautiful country. As for safety - Paraguay is safe as long as you're smart!! Just don't walk around in public with your fancy ipods, or texting your friend. If you have to walk somewhere, try to walk in groups, and avoid sketchy back roads. Basically, don't make yourself a target.
    Paraguay has a fantastic, and cheap, public transportation system (buses), and they'll save you the hassle of calling a taxi if you know where the bus is heading.

    If you want a "wild trekking vacation," however, Paraguay is probably not the right country. It's pretty flat - basically like Wisconsin's terrain, except palm trees are the norm in Paraguay:) I recommend Brasil for a "wild" vacation.
    Good luck!
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