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Will I be safe as a woman alone in Costa Rica?

Is it safe for a female to travel alone to Costa Rica? I have been asked to teach in a small town outside of Limon by a missionary organisation, and while I want to do it, I need to be sure of my safety. Is it dangerous in Costa Rica? Is the government stable? Is it okay for a woman alone?


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    Of all the Central American countries, Costa Rica is probably the safest. The government is stable, and you can even drink the water out of the tap. Does this mean it's totally safe? No. In fact, one can soon become discomforted by noticing the presence of security guards at virtually every business, and homes throughout the country encircled by security fences and/or barred windows and porches. But, as far as I can tell, crime seems to be mostly in the form of theft. For the visitor, this mostly means concern for pickpockets in crowded places, particularly in San Jose, and rental car break-ins. Overall, however, I have found it reasonably safe traveling around most of Costa Rica (ideally during the day), even for a woman who's by herself.
    That being said, you mention that you will be going to the area around Limon. While that is one region of the country I have not been to myself, I do hear that one needs to be more vigilant of their surroundings in that part of the nation than elsewhere.
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    Hi Taylor

    Of all areas in Costa Rica ( a country so safe that it does not even have an army) Limon is perhaps one of the least traveler friendly. This said I have not been in that city, but I have been in many places of CR, and travelers gave me that info.

    Safe travels!
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