Is it safe for tourists in El Salvador?

Is it safe to travel to El Salvador as a tourist? I want to go to Central America, but I'm unsure which countries to go to as I don't know which ones are safe. Is the political situation stable, or should I be worried about safety there?


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    Is it safe to travel anywhere? If you are a expierenced traveler all of Central America is safe. Just remember to use common sense as you would in other parts of the world.
    I have been living in El Salvador since 1994, origianaly from the SF bay area of California. Yes we do have crime, gangs and poverty, but El Salvador is also a great place to discovery.
    If planning on visiting please feel free to write here or email me directly at .
    For general information and links check out and for information about Suchitoto where I have been living since 2000 visit
    Enjoy Central America and please give El Salvador a chance.
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    Elsalvador is safe depending on how you view it yourself but most people feel its friendly but ofcourse every country has its own good sides and bad.

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