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Is Peru safe?

Is Peru safe to travel to? I know you don't hear much in the news, but I was wondering what the crime is like... is it dangerous? What about the government? Is it safe to go to Peru or should I rather go to Brazil or someplace like that? What's better?


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    Hi there - It will surprise you how touristy Peru is. If you stick to the "Gringo Trail" then as long as you exercise a normal amout of caution and don't go doing silly things like wandering around deserted streets at night then Peru is pretty safe, much safer than Brazil in my opinion. Both countries have places from both ends of the scale - from very safe to very dangerous, but having travelled through both for over 5 years as a single white blonde female, I can telll you that there really is not much to worry about. If you are travelling by yourself you might want to go with an organised tour company so that you will be with a group and someone around to advise you of places you should avoid. I would say the safest country in South America is either Argentina or Chile.
    We have loads of different tours through Peru - check out our website below.
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    Hi. I am a claims adjuster in Houston, TX charged with the delicate responsibility of repatriating the remains of a Peruvian seaman home to his family in Lima, Peru. As you may guess, the task is a minefield of obstacles with obtaining proper documentation then having said documentation "legalized" by Peruvian Consulate here in Houston. I note that tomorrow is 28 July 2011, and it is a national holiday in celebration of their Independence Day. Can anyone tell me if said holiday will last just one (1) day or many days?
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    Hi there. You won't find that Brazil is a safer country than Peru. Peru is a reasonably safe country to travel in, if you stay away from the capital city of Lima. There is a lot of crime in Lima, mostly theft, and it's not safe to wander the streets at night. Other touristy areas of Peru, such as Cusco, Ica, Trujillo, Aguas Calientes, Puno etc are safe to visit, especially as there is a strong police presence there to protect tourists. I would just advise that you take good care of your belongings and bring a money belt to transport your valuables in.

    Peru is an absolutely stunning country, rich in culture and history, so I highly recommend going!
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    I am trying to locate a Peruvian Seamen. It is a matter of urgency. I have his name and vessel name. How do I search for him?
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