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Beaches in Cape Town

edited October 2010 in - Southern Africa
Can any one advice me which is the best beach in Cape Town? I'll be going with my girlfriends and we want to just chill by the sun! So many options that I don't wanna go wrong.


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    Hi Crisz,

    There are some great beaches in Cape Town. Clifton and Camp's Bay are the places to go if you want to see and be seen, but my personal favourite is Boulder's Beach in Simon's Town. It's a tiny cove where you can lie in the sand, snorkel, and swim with penguins. They charge R35 entry but it's very well-maintained.
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    Tough question as there are so many great beaches! As Anya says Camps Bay and Clifton are the popular hangouts, and it has the advantage that the sun sets over the sea so you can stay on the beach till sunset sipping cocktails! If you're just there for the sun it doesnt matter that the water is freezing.

    One of my personal favourites is Llandudno beach, as its just as beautiful as Camps Bay, but a bit more sheltered and less busy.
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    Given the temperature of the water, chilling is a very realistic scenario. For suntanning and hanging out, best beach in the country I would say is Clifton 1 or 2. They are to the right of Camps Bay, accessed via steps from the road above, where you can also park. The Clifton beaches have huge granite boulders which shield you from wind and also provide a good place to base your self.
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    Thanks to all!!
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