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HELP- Expatriates Health Insurance in Vietnam

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I'm an expat, planning on spending most of my life here in Vietnam
I want to get health insurance that isn't too expensive but will still cover me if I go traveling or whatever.
Right now, I've been recommended to go for global health these packages look reasonable to you?

I'm looking to work on a temporary basis so I don't think I can get it through my employer.
So if anyone knows a good expat health insurance company that is somewhat comprehensive,
please send the information my way. I only have to cover myself and I have my own business.

Thanks :)


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    You should arrange your insurance through IF consulting.
    They are brokers for many overseas international and international based in Vietnam insurance companies. There were many different options for all different prices so there should be something for everyone.

    Contact: Mr Pascal [email protected]
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    There's another global company one named Liberty Insurance which has a really good coverage package for health insurance. Especially they have really wide network and links to quality hospitals and clinics in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Anyway they have a lots of coverage, just check out when you have free time. Cheers
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    Hi - our sister site has some great information for expats moving to Vietnam, including details on Healthcare in Vietnam - check it out here
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    i am making now new site for the helth.
  • I am agent of Liberty Insurance company. We have the best healthcare products in Vietnam suitable to expats.

    Please contact me for further information [email protected]
    or phone +84 984 639 525

    thank you
  • Stay far away from Liberty Insurance. They told me they would cover my treatment in Bangkok. I called a number of times and had two emails saying I just had to show my passport and insurance card for direct billing. Then the day before my treatment a Dr. Duy (from Liberty) found a loop hole and they refused to pay. I was in a panic to get money. It did not help my condition.

    Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok on the other hand is incredible.

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    Are you Living in Viet Nam? Free Health Insurance Quote. Discount 10%.

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    I never site Vietnam but when I was traveling Germany, I have used for my travel insurance. It was easy and simple to get travel insurance. You may visit this site to get some basic idea on travel insurance.
  • Depend on your stay in Vietnam:
    Less than 6 months, you should use travel insurance, it will save you lots of money
    More than 6 months, use health insurance, cover you for long term, bring you security.

    If decided to use health insurance, you should sort out what is your needs: Inpatient, Outpatient, Maternity and Dental. You would also sort out what kind of insurance you use: International plan or Local plan (International plan is more expensive, suitable for people who travel a lots, Local plan from local insurers bring you a more localized plan, cheaper and more choice for hospitals in Vietnam)

    Need more consultancy, contact [email protected] or [email protected]
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